Mark Knevel

Way to go CBC.

so, the other day, I told my wife she should have picked a better father for my kids

Who is Mark Knevel?

maybe he is the father of my kids


… that was a weird way to get the topic started…

Knevel is a young 6’8" 348-pound O-lineman from brantford who recently committed to playing for the University of Nebraska. I read an interview he gave, sounded very positive on football development in Canada, put the CFL and NFL in the same sentence when when talking about his goals, and talked about how much he cares about academics because “someday I’ll be finished with football”. Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders, good luck to him!

Thank you, dmont. Sure would have been nice if the OP had included that and what it has to do with the CBC.

And I'm pretty sure the guy I'm talking about is named "David Knevel".... so the question still stands.... who is "Mark Knevel"?.... :wink:

Is it this guy?

David Knevel

Ah crap...