Mark DiNoble...the plot thickens

In Drew Edwards 'Scratching Post' in today's Hamilton Spectator

Morning viewing 04/07/2009

Drew Edwards has this item

Gabe Macaluso, a long-time member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame board of directors who resigned this winter,

is asking for Mark DeNobile, the hall's executive director,
to apologize for comments DeNobile made a luncheon

at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio last week.

DeNobile's remarks were first reported on
this blog in a post you can read here.

And here is a copy of Macaluso's letter to the editor.

Drew provided a link to download the Macaluso letter.

If someone can copy it on Microsoft office
and post it I would really appreciate it.

Mr. DiNoble has not yet apologized.

I think this letter is someone replying on DiNoble's behalf.

"Good afternoon Mr. Macaluso,

I have been asked by the Mayor to respond
to your emails you have sent to Council.

Please be advised that

the Mayor did receive a letter from Mr. DeNobile
stating that his speech was taken out of context

and provided clarification on his statement in the newspaper.

Thank you for your concern,

Eddie Lee"

It came to mind that many people posting in the previous DiNoble thread
may have not known what else Mark DiNoble said that wasn't on the video

because they didn't read Drew Edwards blog in the Hamilton Spectator.

03/31/2009 Morning viewing

Not much happening yesterday but there's
some interesting stuff out there this morning.

Mark DeNobile, executive director of the
Hamilton-based Canadian Football Hall of Fame,

was in Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame luncheon Monday.

According to this story, he made some interesting comments
about the Canadian Hall's Hamilton home. Here are two of the quotes:

“I can’t get the mayor of Hamilton to go a block for dinner.?


“Our Hall of Fame will always be in Hamilton,
but interest in the induction had become blasé.

Winnipeg has embraced the chance.

The events are almost all sold out.

It’s a way to get some much-needed cash.?

As requested, here is the letter from Macaluso.

[i]To the Editor:

Negative comments continue to come in on the Tiger Cat chat line and yet there is no apology posted by Mark DeNobile. I hope at the Hall of Fame Board of Directors’ meeting Monday April 7 at 5:30pm at the Hall, the Chairman of the Board and or Mark DeNobile issue a public apology to the Mayor, Board members, past Induction weekend volunteers and the CFL. It’s long overdue. Let me reiterate why an apology is due: 1 )the Mayor and members of Council have been very supportive of the Hall of Fame over the years to the tune of $250,000 per year.This of course is taxpayers money. We continue to need their support. Ridiculing the Mayor who is a staunch supporter of the Hall of Fame is not a wise thing to do. Mark DeNobile has made it personal. 2) it is not the mandate of the Hall of fame to ridicule or discuss rule changes of the Canadian game 3) we all know that Canadians are born with pucks in their mouths however Mark DeNobile could have said that the #1 watched sporting event on television in Canada is the Grey Cup game. We have a very good professional football league and it’s very distinct from the NFL. We shouldn’t make fun of our rules. 4) The intent of allowing Mark DeNobile to visit the NFL Hall Of Fame in Canton Ohio was to explore some of the ideas and events surrounding their Induction Weekend and the types of merchandise, sponsorship agreements they had in place .It was also an opportunity for both the hall of fames to explore the possibilities of exchanging/loaning artifacts just like Art Galleries do. I was very much in favour of this trip and pushing this initiative for several years. 5)we in Hamilton have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars dispelling the unfavourable image that many people outside of the city have of our city. We have tried logos, slogans and much more to dispel this negative image. We have found that the best method of dispelling this negative image is by enlisting our citizens, corporate leaders and politicians as Ambassadors when travelling abroad and telling people about the great & unique amenities we have in our city and country. This includes telling people we are the home of Canada’s football shrine and custodian to the oldest professional Cup in North America…the GREY CUP.Mark DeNobile chose to negatively single out our Mayor. He also chose to tell people that the reason we were moving our Induction Weekend to Winnipeg was because of generating more money for the Hall and that people in our city were not interested in the event or supportive. This is a crock.I can tell you that having this event in Winnipeg is estimated to generate approximately $2000 more than we generated last year in Hamilton. There were other more important reasons for Winnipeg to be considered as this year’s event. You don’t move an important event like this for a mere $2,000.

Gabe Macaluso [/i]

This includes telling people we are the home of Canada's football shrine and custodian to the oldest professional Cup in North America....the GREY CUP
Actually, The Stanley Cup is. circa 1892 (originally intended to be an amateur trophy)

The Grey Cup, also originally intended for amateur hockey by Earl Grey, but the Allan Cup was created, so in 1909, the Grey Cup was manufactured and presented 3 months after the Championship. So iot was actually presented in 1910 to the '09 winners.

The Grey Cup never went exclusively to professionals until 1954 (4 years before the CFL was even called "The Canadian Football League". The very first regular season game in the CFL (Aug. 23, 1958) was played in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Franklin Field) and not Canada. (Hamilton vs. Ottawa)

Tiger-Cats beat Ottawa Rough-Riders 13-7

You'd think by now people would know its almost impossible to get away with any unprofessionalism, misstep , off the cuff speaking in the age of the internet and camera phones etc.

You reap what you sow.

And isn't Hamilton blessed to have concerned citizens like Mr. Gabe Macaluso around to make sure the Mayor and other civic officials keep the rest of us in line and to make sure they watch closely that everyone acts professionally and don't make any mis-steps.

What a guy that Gabe Macaluso is I tell ya!!

A real role model.

Completely beside the point.
No one is holding Maculoso up as a role model , who knows or cares how much weight his opinion carries anymore.
Fact is alot of people have noticed what was said and the time pretending nothing is wrong has long since passed.

Actions have cosequences

It appears the Mayor isn't getting bent out of shape and perhaps has better things to do than to make a Federal case out of something so trivial.

I'll paste the letter from the Mayors Office again to show that Mr. DeNobile has already communicated with them. It looks like a non-starter for Mr. Macaluso and maybe he should take on another cause if he wants to pursue something so ridiculous as this.

Is there some background animosity between the two that we aren't hearing about? If so, Mr. DeNobile would be wise to totally ignore Macaluso in case he gets trapped into saying something about Macaluso that he shouldn't.

I think this is all so stupid now.

[b][i]Good afternoon Mr. Macaluso,

I have been asked by the Mayor to respond
to your emails you have sent to Council.

Please be advised that

the Mayor did receive a letter from Mr. DeNobile
stating that his speech was taken out of context

and provided clarification on his statement in the newspaper.

Thank you for your concern,

Eddie Lee[/i][/b]

This guy should resign before this gets worse !!!!!!

Wise words. I hope no one describes them as sanctimonious.

If Dinoble had to "communicate" with the mayor then , yes, alot of people did notice and it was received poorly and it wasnt something to just fluff off and hope it goes away

Dinoble screwed up, plain and simple.

Nothing is getting worse.

Because Gabe Macaluso spouts off about morality, tax payers money, wise use of taxpayers money and such, suddenly it's a huge scandal ?

Hamilton has deeper problems than this I would think and I think the Mayor's response was appropriate.

No one says this is a "huge scandal".
No one is saying this more important than any other civic issue.

It was about what Dinoble said in regards to the CFL and the HoF.

Pretending nothing was wrong and faking offense at people who pointed out the obvious problems, including Drew Edwards, is whole lot stupider

So explain to me why Macaluso is bothering City Hall Council members and the Mayor with this?

It sounds a little vindictive to me. As I said, is their some bad blood previous ? It looks suspicious to me.

Tha man's name is spelled DeNobile by the way.

Why obsess over Macaluso?
His words dont add or take away anything from the topic other than he's the only one we've heard of who bothered to write a complaint letter.
If he has an agenda then that's his problem. That isnt the issue. it's about Denoble.

What a bunch of melodrmatic crap.
Hamilton's probably seen it's last induction ceremony and city council, can take a good amount of the credit for it. despite being less than a block away The mayor (if thats who were taking about) never attended either the induction ceremony or the dinner.
Interest in the Hall and the ceremony is way beyond blase, no one here even cares if it stays or goes and for the second time it's going.
For the first time somebody's actually paying to have it in their city, and like the man said it will bring in some much needed cash....maybe to finish paying off the reno loan that started out interest free but then defaulted so the city tacked on interest. The loan defaulted because the provincial Govt. wanted their taxes too.
Everyone here supports the Hall by attending right? I mean just how ignorant would it be for fans that don't drop so much as a dime to help support a Hamilton and CFL landmark, to gripe about it's director giving a little brutal honesty about the support the Hall recieves in Hamilton.
Tact and decorum isn't going to get us a better HOF and Hamilton doesn't even sell the event out let alone pay for the Ceremonies to be held here, we treat it as something that's owed us becuase the Hall's here, and city hall sends it mandatory rep. as long as the ticket doesn't have to be paid for.
During Warren Moons acceptance speech at the dinner, the City rep (I don't think I'll name him) left his cell on and was fielding phone calls wothout even the courtesy to leave the room. That's pretty respectful right? To sit there yukking it up and chatting away while Warren Moon is on a podium.
Absolutely an indication of just how much the city respects the hall and it's functions.
The HOF committee works like hell to put on the dinner and induction but it still struggles to sell -out, yet Winnipeg will only find out today who the inductees are but like Denobile said, the events are almost already filled.
When Scott Mitchell became the Ticats Pres. he was described as aggresive, hostile, argumentive and outspoken, there's also been at least two threads suggesting he be fired but for the first time in a long time there's optimism within the fan base. Not blind faith and "gee-I-hope-this-guy-can-help-us" attitude but real optimism from people that know what a solid club looks like and have played the game.
Apparently 'outspoken' and 'aggresive' has it's place when your back's against the wall and right now the CFHOF's back is against the wall. Money, support, sponsors...all the things that the Hall needs to survive and all the things that can be had elswhere....but less or none in Hamilton.

Macaluso is right, you dont move it for two grand, you move it for the sell-out, the sponsors, the opportunity to turn it into a 'bid-on' event to showcase it and bring it to other fans in the CFL etc....
things that never happened while he was on the board.
The Hall is in debt and struggling to pay off a loan to the City of Hamilton, Gabe was on the committee that put it in that position, excuse me if I don't give a rats ass what you have to say, besides you quit, go to the light, for you to tell anyone how to manage finances is beyond bizzare.

Paul Bennett claimed publically that his induction ceremony was held in a parking lot, shouldn't we be putting on an extra pot of tar? It's true, he was but he shouldn't have let people know.

Zontar's right, there's a price to pay for speaking ones mind and if a mans speaks up knowing there's going to be a s***storm following, to me that only means he feels more passionately than most.

Mark Denobile started the Wall of Honor in Hamilton on his own and at a time when management didn't have (or claimed not to have) a nickel to spare, it's now as big as the HOF dinner.
If we want the HOF to be financially successful and something that fans look forward to seeing and being a part of someone might have to speak the truth, and the truth is the City, from the mayor down could care less if the hall and the induction leave Hamilton permanently.

"so what kind of help do you get from the city in Hamilton"

"are you kidding? I can't even get the mayor to walk across the street for a dinner"

Zontar's also right in that it's not about Gabe, it is about Denobiles comments, but I for one am damn glad he said it. He'll pay for it but our City will also get a chance to see that other cities want the HOF and will support it in ways Hamilton never has.

No one will disagree this city has become indifferent to the Hall and deserve to have the ceremony moved
But , if not mistaken, the major beef with Dinoble was what he derisively said about the CFL game. His hissy fit over City Hall etc. was on the periphery.

True, he did say he prefers the fair catch over no yards but the original thread where he's accused of trashing Canadian players and running down the Canadian game. You have to admit that's a bit of a stretch,

You're not usually siding with the hysterical over reaction crowd, I'm genuinally surprised, but respectfully so.

He did say it and it can't be unsaid so when the lumps come Im sure he'll stand up and take them, but the constant "fire whoever spoke poo-poo about us this week" threads and the "are they mocking us?" threads are just getting repetitive.

Mark Denobiles preferences on CFL rules is so un newsworthy it's just a typical day in the CFL.

He doesn't start the topic and even lets others know that the question is about standardizing the rules in football, he gives one example of a rule he would agree with standardizing but follows it with one he wouldn't, the CFL field size. It was a response, and an honest one, not exactly slagging Candian players or the game.

This board would have been howling worse than a bag of cats when the Argos did their "what's that hissing sound?" ad campaign or the Bombers did their Pinball mimick, complete with a lisp.
As Cat fans we used to be able to give and take on just about any level the oppososition wanted but here we are where a man states his preference for one rule over another and it's like he raped our sister.
It's minor, he'll pay in some manner and soon we'll set our sights on a new target.
Fire Obie, Fire Mitchell, Fire Denobile....etc etc etc

Dont know if it's "newsworthy" either but the affair does bear mentioning.
And since its been almost totally confined to a internet message board during the offseason I dont agree it's an "over-reaction". Having CH camped outside Dinoble's house would be an over-reaction.
Unless its completely lame like corn on the cob at the concessions its hard for a thread not to get a reaction of some kind .

Might be wrong but I dont think Dinoble's harshest critics in here think this is earth shattering stuff.

And you're right if this happened during the season it would be lost among the "I'm Going to Boycott" and "Fire Obie, Mitchell, Marcel, Greg" threads.

Can't argue with that.