Mark Dewit

Hey guys.

I was just wondering what you guys all thought of Dewit, seeing as how you guys saw him play the most...

I'm hoping he's an upgrade at center for us, but I have my reservations. Is he starting material? Im particularly concerned about his gun snaps....

When he filled in for Marwan Hage a couple of years ago you hardly even noticed that he was there......which is a complement to his play.

Stampders fans might tell you a different story, though.....

I think Dewit has a chance to be an excellent starting centre if he avoids injuries. He has acquitted himself well wherever he's played IMO and should be ready to be a full time starter. He was a very good wrestler at the high school and CIS level - I believe he won a CIS championship for his weight class. Some believe that wrestling is an excellent background for an offensive lineman because it stresses speed, leverage, balance and strength - the type of prerequisites that are required to be an effective offensive lineman, especially an interior lineman. One of the reasons Dewit was drafted late (6th round by the Argos) was because he was underweight at about 265 lbs at the time but he bulked up to around 300 during his two years with the Argos.

I would say Dewit is a slightly better than average player with the potential to be great. Certainly capable of earning a starting job on any team that needs a better C or G.

It's good that he has gone somewhere that needs him. A starting job will only make him better.

I agree with this. I think he did a respectable job of filling in and with more reps he can only get better.

As Drew Edwards highligted Marwan Hage:

"Hage has been a CFL Players’ Association all-star four times, an East Division all-star twice and a CFL all-star once. He has also been named the Ticats most outstanding lineman four times and was selected as the East Division’s most outstanding lineman in 2010."

And the anchor of the offensive line.

To suddenly have to step in replace someone of that ability and stature, I thought he did a pretty credible job.

I wish him well.

A player named Dewit would have looked very good playing beside the smartest man in Canada. :cowboy:

....Dyakowski prefers to be referred to as "the worlds smartest Canadian!" Haha

I remember a video on Ticat TV right around the time that Dewit took the spot with Hage's injury in 2011. In the video Hage commented with earnest as to how smart Dewit was and how quickly he absorbed things. He's only 27-28 years old so his best years are still ahead of him.

Thanks guys, you've been very helpfull