Director Mark Denoble of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame comments at the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio on the CFL.

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Please contact the CFL below and ask for his resignation.


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I'll not be asking for his resignation. Whether or not he is affiliated with the CFL, he is entitled to his opinions, and I saw nothing offensive in his comments.

Some people on this site sure seem to like to create controversy where there really is none...sad, really...

He is not connected with the CFL, keep in mind its not the CFL Hall of Fame its the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

His comments were very negative regarding the rules and he was confused about OUR game.
He was unprepared, he made the CFL look bad.
He was definitely not supporting OUR great game.
Very non supportive not only for the CFL, but University Foootball, Etc.

Obviously Mr. Denoble didn't get the job he wanted with the CFL so out come the sour grapes. Happens all the time in business.

Ok, just finished watching it. Actually, to be honest, I think he was trying to inject a bit of humour. I take back my sour grapes comment above, apologies Mark. This was ok. Hey, he likes the fair catch over the 5 yard rule on punts and explained the injury aspect to this. Albeit with no numbers. I do question that he says on 90 percent of punts there is a penalty that he seemed to allude to was the direct result of the 5 yard rule. I don't know but I think he is way over estimating on that one. But he is allowed his opinion and in no way was bashing the Canadian game here.

I thought it was funny the non-import where he said it's Canadians, the non-importANT ones. He was just trying to be humourous to an American crowd.

All in all, nothing to be upset about. Is Mark a great orator? No, but he tried and obviously isn't that comfortable with this role but he was ok I think all in all. Explaining Canadian football rules in a short time to an American audience is no easy task, I'm sure. :wink:

yep, he is no threat to Dale Carnegie but there was nothing offensive there. The crowd seemed appreciative of his comments and he is entitled to his opinions. While I doubt his claim that 90% of CFL punt returns result in penalties, the fair catch idea is not that terrible. I could see instances in a CFL game (like a short punt into the wind) where the punt receiver could signal a fair catch when he is surrounded by tacklers...then it might make sense...probably more sense than the tacklers running backwards trying to get 5 yds away from the ball. Even in rugby you have to stay onside and allow the returner to catch the ball.

If that was supporting Canadian Football, i would hate to see him putting down Canadian Football.
In no way did he do anything to PROMOTE Football in Cananda from what i viewed.
Even if he does not like some of the rules, he is representing the Canadain Football Hall of Fame which is apart of Canadian Football, and should keep his negative (or what people call joking) comments to himself. :thdn:

I hear ya tc but let's just say Mark is no Rhodes scholar and got a bit flustered in the limelight. Someone, somewhere, should have known better than to put him in a position to speak publicly like this. Not a major problem though.

So you are saying that he should be censored????????????

If we can't poke a little fun at ourselves every now and then, what is the world coming to?

I saw nothing wrong with his comments.

I don't personally see how anyone could prefer the fair catch ... It's one of the most boring plays in football. As for injuries, I doubt there's that much of a difference. If a returner doesn't call for a fair catch, he can get smoked by someone standing right beside him anyway ....