Mark DeNoble doing a speech....what do you think?

Personally i dont see Zontar trying to "control" anyone. If anything Deerhunter he simply suggested that you "scratching your head" over people having an opinion isnt really necessary because people are entitled to their opinion. Dont really see where the guy is trying to control other people.

Calling someone weird is worse than anything he said.

As for the discussion at hand... I personally think he came across as very unprofessional as well. But suggesting letters and phone calls to the CFL is a little much IMO.

Should we start a discussion about the Fair Catch? I'll start one if you want.

That might be productive. Personally, I like the Fair Catch.

Just some friendly message board advice to someone a little new to this... you might want to start a new thread about the fair catch. This thread is about Make DeNoble's speech.

Isn't that what I just asked?.

Ticats.Ca seems to be a really hostile place. Didn't you and Zontar say it sucks and there is a better site to go to?

I have to wonder if it's you two that are causing the problems here?

I'll start that "thread" now.

(I'm serious, this is a wierd site) :roll:

Deerhunter: We all acknowlege that you are entitled to your opinion and I, for one, respect that; however, you need to learn that other opinions must be respected as well.

Go ahead. . . Start your thread on the fair catch. You'll likely get shot down on that one too!

I think Mr. DeNobile did just fine. That's my opinion.

Emphasis deer on the word 'just'. Exactly and throw in a 'barely' after that might be in order. But it's over, let's move on, it isn't that big of a deal, the Canadian FHoF isn't the CFL from my understanding.

I doubt that that is the understanding
of the audience in Canton, Ohio, Earl.

To paraphrase what Zontar said...If you're an official representative
of Canadian Football speaking to a football audience anywhere

it is required that one exhibits tact, decorum and class rather than
"speaking one's mind' and rattling off a bunch of negative comments.

What was the positive outcome of his speech? Apart from a mocking article in the Canton local paper…