Mark DeNoble doing a speech....what do you think?

This man's paycheck has been dependent
on the CFL for most of his working life

as a long time employee of the Tiger Cats.

and for the last year or two as the Executive Director
of the Canadian Football Hall the Hall of Fame.

He should know better than to bite the hand
that has fed his family for most of his working life

by going down to the U.S and running down the rules of the CFL
and the support Hamilton, [and it's mayor] gives to the Hall of Fame.

to an audience of avid football fans, and possible CFL football fans.

If I was one of the new board of directors
I would recommend his immediate dismissal.

This man is hopelessly lacking of any common sense.


He is responsible for making the Hall of Fame Dinner
a success by getting lots of people to buy tickets

whether the Mayor of Hamilton is in attendance or not

I suggest people start contacting the CFL office and voice there opinion, the link is;

You can call the CFL at:
Tel: (416) 322-9650
Fax: (416) 322-9651

What is this??? A witch hunt???

By no way am I condoning what he said...but I know the guy and he is a real promoter of OUR GAME!

None of us know how or what was said prior to or after what was taped. I'd want to see an uninterupted version or speak to someone who was there before I passed judgement!

Like I said in an earlier post...CUT THE GUY SOME SLACK! :wink:

Ok, just finished watching it. Actually, to be honest, I think he was trying to inject a bit of humour. I take back my sour grapes comment on the CFL main thread, apologies Mark. This was ok. Hey, he likes the fair catch over the 5 yard rule on punts and explained the injury aspect to this. Albeit with no numbers. I do question that he says on 90 percent of punts there is a penalty that he seemed to allude to was the direct result of the 5 yard rule. I don't know but I think he is way over estimating on that one. But he is allowed his opinion and in no way was bashing the Canadian game here.

I thought it was funny the non-import where he said it's Canadians, the non-importANT ones. He was just trying to be humourous to an American crowd. It just didn't come out right because he isn't a great speaker by any means.

All in all, nothing to be upset about. Is Mark a great orator? No, but he tried and obviously isn't that comfortable with this role but he was ok I think all in all. Explaining Canadian football rules in a short time to an American audience is no easy task, I'm sure. :wink:

If that was supporting Canadian Football, i would hate to see him putting down Canadian Football.
In no way did he do anything to PROMOTE Football in Cananda from what i viewed.
Even if he does not like some of the rules, he is representing the Canadain Football Hall of Fame which is apart of Canadian Football, and should keep his negative (or what people call joking) comments to himself.

one could break down and argue with the miss_information he was spouting to a u.s media scrum, seems like he,s trying the import route into American football, pine_ing ,and kissing up by degrading Canadian football and Canadian Players, BUT in Southern Ontario its nothing new. WHEN will people realize Canada produces world class football players,just like we produce world class athletes in any other sport. This same ass the CBC kissing up to nbc and Giving!! them the rights to broadcast cfl games during the nfl strike,. Pathetic

I'm scratching my head when reading the words of those in this discussion who are crucifying the man for speaking his mind. He's not wrong on anything he said in my opinion. So for those who say Mr. DeNobile was trashing the City of Hamilton, and perhaps the Mayor, well good for him.

If I recall correctly (IIRC), Ticats Owner Bob Young blasted the City of Hamilton a few years back for failing to do the basics in house-keeping around the city. It looked sloppy, shabby and run down. He pointed out the crappy shape the Dundurn Castle sign was in as a glaring example. Was he wrong? No!

The city looks worse than ever today. The loose trash, litter and ugly eyesores around the City of Hamilton is absolutely shameful.

And his analysis of the 5 yard rule resulting in 90% penalties? I don't think he's far off the mark. I'd rather have the fair catch rule myself. It makes better sense.

PS. I note that the comments about the Mayor of Hamilton seem to be missing now.

"Scratching your head" ? Its' not that hard to understand . People have a different opinion than yours. Deal with it.

If you're an official representative and speaking in a public forum "speaking your mind" often isnt the best course of action.

Most of the time it calls for tact, decorum and class.

Thanks for the great advice - Zontar -

I'll adhere to that.

It's not advice. It's just an explantion as to why there's no need for your head scratching.

I already got it. I acknowledged what you told me.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion was your message to me.

Why are you be-labouring the point ?

Labouring a point like you smooching up to Denoble and trying to defend his amateurish performance over and over again and pretending not to understand why people didn't like it?


You're wierd.

Do you have some sort of jurisdiction over these boards we should know about?

You seem to want to control everyone and, when you can't, you provoke them with intimidating or degrading comments and, if that fails, you resort to childish stuff.

It's very strange. I've watched you do it to many others on this board. Why do you do that?

Ae you the Admin here?

It's not about "control" and its certainly not "everyone".
Its about exposing the hypocritical poster(s) who play their silly games and cant back up argument then cry they're being treated unfairly when they have no answers.

Nothing "weird" about it.

You guys are both very astute posters. I don't always agree with either one of you, but just as often, I do agree. This time, I'm taking Zontar's side. DeNoble was definitely out of line in a public forum and its not the first time this guy has put his foot in his mouth.

He should know better than to ever stand behind a microphone to say anything. I base this on conversations I've had with him in the past. He has been highly overrated by the CFL to be a spokes person for the HoF or anything else for that matter.

He should know better than to ever stand behind a microphone to say anything.

Based on this clip which is all I know of him, absolutely and I'm saying this even thinking this whole thing is getting blown out of proportion. He should not be representing an institution like the Canadian Football Hall of Fame unless it is in a position where he doesn't have to speak publicly, not really for his thoughts but how he speaks. If that isn't obvious, well, what can I say.

Denoble is essentially a salesman (some may say a used car salesman) .
Probably the most vital outward personality trait of a salesman is to be ultra-positive especially with the product you're supporting.
What approach Denoble is taking here gawd only knows maybe he's feeding off the good 'ol CDN/CFL inferiority complex vs. US/NFL but it comes off as highly unprofessional.

No question Zontar. Fully agree. He might be very intelligent but he doesn't have the savvy, poise, and professionalism as you say to be in a position as he is in.

And that's the great thing as Zontar brought up earlier. Everyone gets to have an opinion. Mine is that Mr. DeNobile was right on with his answers to the questions.

Like it or not, that's my opinion.