Mark DeNoble doing a speech....what do you think?

Have a listen.
Is he mocking our game at some points to play up to the U.S. crowd?
90% of all punts end in penalties???
I was not overly impressed overall, but nothing to get your shorts in a knot over I guess.
Did not exactly try to sell the game that is for sure!

I can’t check out the video yet but who the hell is Mark Denoble ?

Not a very accomplished public speaker to say the least.

Mark DeNobile, Executive-Director of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame

Sorry, weak spelling originally

Forgive me but this guy is an idiot and has absolutely no business representing Canadian football in any way.

First of all, as already mentioned, not a good spekaer. Secondly it sounds like he doesn't even know the Canadian game!

How on earth did he ever get that job?

Shameful and embarrassing.

CaptKirk...That was my impression. He is a director and representitive of the CFHF speaking in Canton and was not well informed or prepared, rather a bit of an embarASSment.

HOLY CRAP!!! Sorry for the shout but as many others have asked…how the hell did he get THAT job? And more importantly…how is he KEEPING that job?

It looked to me that he was answering questions!

Not giving a speech!

Mark is a passionate guy about the CFL. I'd cut him slack on this one. :wink:

Who knows what exactly the questions were or in what context they were presented. :roll:

8) His father was Geno DeNobile, who played for the TiCats in the 50's and 60's.

I just watched this twice and I'm confused as to what the problem is?

Mr. DeNobile sounded very engaged with his audience, answered questions in an informative yet friendly way and seems to have captured the attention and interest of the people there.

You would think he would be a better representative of the 'Canadian' game. With that said the video is chopped up a bit

Is there a statistic out there that say 9 out of 10 punts result in penalty?

The recorded portion of DeNobile's talk would dissuade rather than convince anyone to attend the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Maybe he should have expressed his dissatisfaction with the City of Hamilton and the CFL rules here and get some local feedback before trashing the city and the CFL rules at a high profile venue like the Football Hall of Fame in Canton. This was a public relations disaster.

DeNobile is giving his opinion...which is not-reflective of 9 out of 10 ( :wink: ) CFL fans.

This is no different than you, me or anyone else doing the same thing...with the exception that this guy is only there as a representative of the CFL Hall of Fame committee...not the CFL.

The Hall of Fame Committee should deal with him, not the league.

My opinion is that he should be answering those questions to promote the league, not promote his belief on rules and their changes, supported by non-facts.

CFL Hall of Fame committee
Therein is the misconception.

Mr. DeNobile in no way represents the CFL.

There is no such thing as a CFL Hall Of Fame Committee.

There is no such thing as a CFL Hall Of Fame

In my opinion, he can speak to Canadian Football rules all he wishes.

He's qualified.

What ever position this man holds, he should step down immediately. The Canadian Football League should hold this man accountable.
In no way has he supported the Canadian Football League.
I am outraged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His job is not to support the Canadian Football League. That's a separate profit driven entity from what he represents.

He represents Football as a sport in Canada at evey level.

I think his comments were valid.

He makes disparaging remarks about the city and the Mayor. Going to Canton and making these comments is in poor taste and shows a lack of credibility for an Executive Director of Canadian Football. How much money (dollars and in-kind) does the City give to to the HOF? Does anyone know?

Must have been a slow news day in Canton and, to be fair, his comments may have been taken out of context during a Q&A session.

HOWEVER, it certainly seems (as others have noted) that he was playing to the prejudices of the US crowd. Don't see the point in going all that way to mock your organization and the sport to which it's dedicated. Whether intentional or not, he managed to leave the impression that the CFL and the city of Hamilton were Mickey Mouse outfits.

What a great public speaker - his trip is a publicity windfall for the Football Hall of Fame... I'm sure many people in the crowd will have resolved to come visit! :thdn:

Mark Denoble has always been kind of full of himself IMO. He didn't do our HoF any favours in his Q&A session in Canton, Ohio. Regardless of his purpose in Canton, which was to represent the Canadian HoF, he still gives a reflection of our game and not a very good one.

His purpose, while on tour should be to sell the entire CFL picture and not make disparaging remarks about our game which is light years ahead of the American game IMO.

I hate the fair catch!

The CFL should ask tell him to resign !!!