Mark Cohon's Thank You to the Fans

Is that his wife in the Stegall jersey? If so, props to Mark. lol.

That's all I had to say.

lol yeah props to Mark!

This guy should have kept his day job.


I just finished reading this, and honestly... is it me or was that the most pointless address ever? I learned nothing new from it. Whatever...

Do you guys think He or anyone reads the Forum for any ideas? It would be interesting if he or the CFL did.

If he did, I think he'd be a little tougher when it comes to disciplining players. :smiley:

You probably weren't meant to. It was just done to say thanks.

As a matter of fact HE DOES! He made a point of walking over to a tailgate at Ivor Wynne, shortly after taking this job on! He introduced himself and stayed and chatted with fans. He listened!

If you get the chance to talk with him...DO IT! He is not a "stuffed shirt". He is "a fan of the game"!

He said that he appreciates the "passion" that fans of the CFL have. He wants to see the game grow!

Let's give him a chance!

By the title of this thread
I thought I would be informed

about what Mark Cohon said.

any link[s]?

You're probably right. :smiley:

It's on the CFL homepage.

I wasn't taking a shot at him, i like what he has done for the league. but it would be nice to see him make some responces to ideas that are presented on the forum.

He actually has responded to ideas presented in the forum, though not directly.

It may seem pretty black and white some times when it comes to making decisions about issues that are perceived by some to be critical, but I really doubt managing this league is all that simple or easy.

I think he's doing a GREAT job. I love his style and his candor about the problems the league is facing.

As for this latest address, this wasn't a "state of the league" address, it was wrap up after the Cup and a heartfelt and thank you to the fans. Nothing wrong with that and it shows that he is thinking about us. Not everything he says should be necessarily pithy and filled with tough talk and solutions to burning issues.