Mark Cohon

Can someone give me mark cohons email address? I want to talk to him about somethign

It's that easy?

I did receive a response once though it was sent from someone else on his behalf. I wouldn't recommend writing to tell him he wears nice ties, or to bitch about a bad call against your team, and by no means are you guaranteed to hear back, but it's one way.

The Rod Peterson Show
Friday February 21 2020 Hour 1

Former CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon joined the show (start at 24:05 m) for a life update, his recent Ted Talk and best CFL memories.

He said he’s most proud of getting the CFL back in Ottawa with much success, and also the stadium renaissance in the CFL.

Mark said he was never shy of confessing his affection and admiration for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, saying he even named his dog “Rider”!

Mark also revealed that he was offered the position as Commissioner of the XFL, but declined. He was happy to go out on a high with the CFL. He’s currently the Chairman of the Junos and is launching a spirits company.


I'm a fan of Cohon. It was clear that he's a true fan of the game, and I thought he did a good job during his couple of terms as commissioner.


Mark Cohon respected and understood the fans. When he was in charge the CFL was extremely prosperous. He deserves an award named after him: most popular player for example.

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