Mark Cohon the new Judge of talent

Maybe its time the CFL put in a central scouting system with Mark Cohon as the Head Scout. He apparently knows football talent better than Buono and Rita as he is going to be the self appointed Judge of any trade between the Argos and the Lions. :lol: Some of the trades that go on in the CFL are often a mismatch talent wise, but the real reason is generally because of the SMS or the ratio.
Take the latest trade between Montreal and Winnipeg, Walls for a young Canadian backup. Not a fair trade talent wise, but Montreal gives up a Canadian kid they didn't need and Winnipeg dumps a salary. Now if the Argos and BC make this trade Mark Cohon is going to have to block it, because in his words it wouldn't be fair market value.
Doesn't sound like it will be a level playing field to me.

So Mark I still like you and all that, but don't you think the fans might just care more about seeing players get paid the bonuses they are owed by the contracts the clubs have signed them to. To me that would be a more way of being "fair" in the public eye instead of worrying about "fair" market value between the Argos and the BC Lions.

The only good thing I can see come out of this is that Adam Rita won't be able to trade away his 1st round pick to BC now for some washed up import. Mark's fair market value law will kick in. :smiley:

First it hasn't happened yet but the fantasy was a fun read. Also you don't have to own two teams to cheat. Anyone remember the trade between the Ticats and Eskimos that sent troy Davis help Edmonton make a run and Edmonton sent Maas once the season was over. Cohon is just a mouthpiece anyway. Or how about Taman of Winnipeg trying to pass off an injured Tom Canada to the Ticats for Zeke Moreno?

…Besides, it’s in the best interest for everyone that the Argos (& every team for that matter) are healthy & competitive. In an 8 team league no one wants to see teams that suck so bad people stop going to games & crazy lop-sided victories & crappy records. Keep that up for too long & a team could fold… I’m not an economics genius, it’s just my opinion. But this isn’t a league where another team could dry up & blow away & no one would miss them.

So I think that trades will be done fair & for good reasons. I don’t think that Cohon needs to police the matter. Just my opinion.