Mark Cohon Takes Your Questions

Have at 'er

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My guess is that many questions will be asked, many answers will be given, and nobody will know more by the time it's done than they did before it started.

Questions asked. Questions answered.

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I like Mark and he has done a good job, but I find like these latest answers he can be extremely vague almost like a politician?
Is it only me or does it seem how they are working on many things, but ultimately we never hear about some of the results.

waste of a read.
never learn anything from cohon.

I thought it was a good read. He had some things to say.

It was more informative than I expected it to be.

Agreed, but that was expected.
I noticed, that he’s very conservative when he answers questions.

I like how the video game question is last, and thus the most important! :lol:

I don't think it will ever happen.I'm seeing all these big pricy Stadium projects and still the CFL won't spend $ on a game. They'd rather spend it on Legacy DVD's that collect dust in a warehouse. :stuck_out_tongue: