Anybody here have his Email address?

I have a nice letter here telling him what I think of his decision :twisted:

Seriously though, Its polite and simply states my problem with the word "Intentional" and points out the possible repercussions of his decision(play off spots)


thanks…its sent

Well the bldy hl decision by the commish just conviced me what a Mickey Mouse league this is. If only I'm not fond of 3-down, larger field game and out of love of les Oiseaux, I might just jump to the No Fun League. Season opener in less than 24 hours, y'know.

I hope that the Als keep their stamina. By the way things go, I think it is not too much to expect them to finish first in the East. It will be, however, deeply ironic if because of this decision the Lions are able to sneak in and cross-over, and leave Bombers on the golf course.

This being the CFL and every crossover having been decided by 2 points , I'm pretty sure your on to something and we will be sure to remind them. Even funnyer would be to see one of the other western teams get passed and have to come and get beat in the East on a crossover. I've put a sticky on this one ...