Mark Cohon on fan590 Audio Clip

mark cohon on fan590 from wednesday.

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thanks for the clip. finally listened to it. really unteresting what he said about the grey cup in Toronto. I like M.C... as long as he doesnt lower the Canadian ratio.

I think he's great for our league but we have to appreciate he has pressures from both sides, those who want the ratio reduced and those from the other camp, it's tough. You have goofs like Paul Godfrey and Phil Lind who have mush brains, Tanenbaum from MLSE as well who laugh at the CFL because of the ratio but then other more intellectual types who read Canadian history more like say those in the universities and Braley, Wettenhaul and Bob Young and David Asper who put their money where their mouth is for Canadiana. It's tough on a commish to deal with mushers like the Godfrey's and our others who have more grey matter.

I always have to laugh at Paul Godfrey who allowed himself to be quoted in the press "I'm an NFL guy". Well Paul, guess what pea brain so am I but I'm also a NFL guy, love the NFL, so guess what "I'm a football guy". I'm a CFL guy too. I know Paul, that's a bit too complicated for your little pea brain to get. Unreal and the guy is worth how much? Millions. Companies will hire idiots I guess who can't think past their nose. :roll: :roll:

I gotta think that was just a bargaining chip. Cohon has always been about this being OUR league, so why would he reduce the number of Canadians playing in it?

i think i got some shivers last year when brian williams asked him about the ratio and he skirted the question.

He was in negotiations for the CBA at the time so I get why he couldn't answer that question, as much as he probably wanted to. I trust the man and I think he's a great steward for the game. I wish the CFL would extend his contract, it makes me nervous thinking what might happen when he leaves. He's become something of a lynchpin.

cohon belongs on the home shopping network selling mops and dvd players, the league needs a sportsman, with an extensive sports background, and nobody with any experience running those comical amateur sports programs in canada like that lacrosse fiasco.

Do you ever have anything positive to say...? :?