Mark Cohon Means Business

CFL Disciplines Lions Lineman Haji-Rasouli

Suspended 1 game for kneeing, ripping helmet
off head of Saskatchewan's Scott Schultz

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 5:54 PM ET

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and the Calgary Stampeders get 'fined $10,000
for publicly making disparaging comments
towards the league.

No further comments will be made
by the CFL on this matter.'

Good to see the league find its cohoonas.

Disparaging comments? Here is the statement that the Stamps made:

[b]The suspension of Haji-Rasouli comes a day after the CFL deemed Moreno's hit on Burris was legal and that no sanctions would be forthcoming. On Tuesday, though, the Stampeders issued a statement that made no bones about their disagreement with that decision.

"The organization acknowledges the league office has given the incident in question due process and completed its review and issued a decision on the issue," the statement said. "The above notwithstanding, however, as an organization we do not agree with the decision rendered by our league office.

"We have reviewed over 50 calls which have been made this year for roughing with respect to quarterbacks. It is our opinion that Henry had given himself up, was completely out of bounds, completely on the ground and the ball had both struck the ground and was actually out of his hand and the play completely dead, all this occurring before the hit took place.

"In comparison to the 50 or more plays that we have reviewed, in our opinion this play was clear-cut roughing and should have resulted in a penalty and the ball first-and-goal from the two-yard line. In our opinion had this occurred the result of the game would be entirely different and the Stampeders would be 7-4-1 and (in) second place in the Western Conference. This record would have all but ensured us a playoff spot."

With the loss, Calgary (6-5-1) stands third, one point behind second-place Saskatchewan (7-5).[/b]

I don't know about you, but it doesn't sound anything but respectful, if in disagreement with the CFL's decision.

Cant see how that statement would bring a suspension... but i CAN see how its sour grapes after having their QB knocked out :slight_smile:

I have seen more than just stamps fans and players complain about the hit, I was really suprised.

I don't see it as dirty..the league didn't I can see how Stamp fans can be bitter or angry because they lost their QB.

But I was watching OTR today heading that both a former Cats player (cant remember his name) and a current Argo, both said that the hit was cheap.

I don't see it, looked to me like Moreno was already falling down..his knees slid into the ground first..and he went over once his knees hit the ground..if it was going to be intentional I believe his head or shoulder would be the first thing to make contact with Burris..not his knees hitting the ground and him falling into Burris.

anyway..I am glad to see the CFL made the right call and that not many people are raising a stink.

Moreno seems like a smart player to me I dont think he would intentionally jump on the guy with hardly anytime on the clock and in a close game. If they would have called it a penalty it would have been worse than not calling it. They need an excuse for loosing there are bad calls each way in every game they all even out.

This is a good sign for the CFL, a strong Commissioner!

By the way Steeltownfan, the two Defensive players(Johnny Scott & Argo's ,Brown?) on the panel,said it was an aggressive play ,they agreed that Moreno was in motion ,but that even so everytime you go near a QB there is a flag .They never said "cheap" .

Calgary got what every team , coach or player gets in a professional league when they speak out in public against a league decision ,you get a fine.

Well done!

How long before BC appeals, and manages to get a local judge to reverse the decision?

And they should get a fine as they are implying, in a way, that there was some fixing involved with the decision. Hey, that is the call as reviewed by the league, you might not agree but to go public after the league reviews shows no respect.

8) Once Cohon ticks off the few big power weilding owners in this league, he will be gone !!! His only choice to keep his job down the road will be to become a puppet for those select few owners !!!

It's only a matter of time !!!!