Mark Cohon leaving the CFL

TSN just announced that Mark Cohon will not be renewing his contract.

He's just a puppet... Braley, Young and Wetenhall are the ones to blame for this disastrous season.

Here's the tweet from Naylor

@TSNDaveNaylor: CFL commissioner Mark Cohon informs board he will not seek a third term beyond end of this season. #cfl
Wow. Just when it looked like there was some tenure in this area, the revolving door continues.

Another scar in what should have been a banner season for this league.

Cohon replacing Leiweke?

LOL. I doubt it.

Who could be a possible replacement for Cohon??? Who would want the job?

That’s disappointing. Mark has been the best face of the CFL. Something must have happened as he was talking as if he would be around for another 5 year contract. Better offer somewhere else ? or fed up with the B of G’s ?

That's too bad. I liked him.

Bring back Tom Wright.

One of the best we had.

and Leiweke replacing Cohon.

I just read that story on Cohon leaving in 2015, I guess on to bigger and better things, new commissioner job available after 2015 in the CFL, any takers?

Rob Ford
Rod Black
Chris Schultz
Mike Clemons
Milt Steagal
Anthony Calvilo
Damon Allen
Wally Buono

I would like to find out what facilitated this … He has been an excellent commissioner and has completed all of his goals for the league, except one! I thought for sure he would be around until we got the 10th team. Something must be going on in the back ground, that we are not privy to!

Good luck Mr Cohon, I for one appreciate all you have done for this league.


That's going too far. Lol

5 of your list I can live with...

Rob Ford
Mike Clemons
Chris Schultz
Anthony Calvilo
Wally Buono

There isn't a lot to do...

Find the Argos a owner and find them a home. Work on a 10th team in Atlantic Canada.

Everything else is done. To his credit, Mr. Cohon got a lot done. Still wouldn't mind Mr. Wright coming back.

yup those 2 things are the top 2 things on the new commish to do list.

Too bad cohon couldn't stay for another term to see those come to fruition. he has been great for the league

You really are miserable, aren't you?

Is there anyone (available) who would have an advantage/inside track in the Argos/MLSE negotiation?

Mr. Cohon left the league in better shape than when he arrived. :thup:
That's the ultimate measure of success for this position imo. :rockin:

Yes. If MLSE were to buy the Argos, all would be good in this league.