Mark Chapman

Does anybody know what’s going on with Chapman? I know he signed with the Salt Lake team in the new AFL league. But his name isn’t on their roster. Has he been released? Any chance he comes back to the cats now? Anybody know?

We had a thread on that question in early January. All we’ve learned is that he is not playing “because of personal reasons.” We haven’t learned what those reasons are and whether, or not, he remains under contract to the AAF, but I’d think he still would be and might well be for the AAF’s first 3 seasons.

I think that this guy is a head case.
Like I said in my previous posts - #1 draft picks are a crapshoot.
They are fed ego by their Agents, and pursue their NFL dreams.
If u are going to pick #1, try to make a decent trade with the pick, and take
someone with a better chance of ‘sticking’ around.
In my opinion - this was a waste of a pick.
The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

So another Michael Sam?

At least he didn’t come up here then quit on the team.

Calling him a head case is a bit strong. Mental health has plenty of stigma enough.

I get the sentiment and appreciate your drawing awareness to the stigmatizing of mental health issues. However, I think we also have to be conscious of the fact that sometimes immaturity, poor planning and bonehead decisions are not necessarily mental health issues.

I agree totally. Why do people always seem to associate Mental Health with someone that does something stupid or does just as Chapman has done, for example? Seems to be the “catch-all? these days for excuses. Unless of course someone who posts about MH issues actually knows something!

I think he’s referring to depression, anxiety, and other personality disorders. Maybe Chapmans just not in the right place right now for football.

Yep I lnow exactly what he is referring to. I was saying that being upset with yourself, and down on yourself for making a wrong decision doesn’t constitute A Mental Health issue. Unless we are expanding the definition now to include this.

Maybe he is just getting bad advice

He may have had visions of grandeur and now realizes that they won’t materialize. Needs to take some time to think, get some good advice and then sign with Cats!

Here’s a question. I know NFL and CFL honour each other’s contracts, is it the same with the AAF? Would a CFL team sign a player under contract with the AAF who didn’t want to play there anymore?

With the possibility of the AAF going belly up, player contracts would be trashed . Mark Chapman and others may be scooped up by circling CFL scouts .

We still might see our draft pick in training camp. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

No. They’re under 3 year contracts

Steve Milton has an interesting article about the Argos first round pick in the 2018 CFL Draft. Ryan Hunter, an OLineman from Bowling Green and North Bay Ontario, spent the entire 2018 season on Kansas City Chiefs practice roster .

He, Mark Chapman, and Dakota Shepley were first rounders who didn’t play a down in the CFL last year . Teams draft players with the hope that they will sign and report but there are no guarantees that this will happen.

Some fans dumped on the Cats for wasting a pick on Chapman . Well the Argos and the Riders are in the same boat. If the NFL is an option, a player would be foolish not to explore that option first . By the sound of it, the Argos may never see Hunter in Argo Blue . The Cats and Riders may have a better chance of signing their guys.

The draft is always a gamble but the Cats have improved their odds with 3 picks in the first 11 overall this year . They also have 2 first rounders in 2020 and 2021 (thanks to the Als).

The CFL Combines are coming up and there are some quality Canadian kids that will shine . We’re getting closer and closer to watching real football again !

Pat Lynch(watching Justin McInnis WR Ark. St. and Shane Richards OL Oklahoma St.)

Lots of points for noticing right here.

It’s definitely a crapshoot when compared to the other professional leagues.

I think most understand the very real risk that draft picks in any round may never sign with their CFL team.

The difference of course is that there is no loss when it’s your own pick. It’s a free assest assigned by the leauge based on standings.

The hand wringing with the cat’s is they traded real assets to move up 1 spot to get this guy. I think most fans expected there was some due diligence done by the team before they made that move and the result leads most to believe there wasn’t

Even if a team is successful in signing their draft picks, there is no guarantee that the selected player will even make the team, or be anything more than a Special Teams back-up. And if he does go on to play regularly, there is no guarantee that he will stay with the team once his initial contract expires.

Every sport, not just the CFL, faces the same dilemna - how do you accurately predict a player’s professional potential when he is still developing, physically and mentally? Think of the hundreds and hundreds of kids who “graduate” every year from feeder leagues in all sports to the pros, and how many go on to sustainable, even average careers, let alone stellar ones.

Then the league needs to find a way to rectify this problem. A last place team deserves to have the chance to improve itself with a 1st overall pick. Instead they are getting ripped off by a selfish player + agent who are using the 1st overall status as a way of promoting themeselves to the NFL.

Instead the league needs to implement a system whereby if you are drafted in the 1st round then you MUST sign at least a 1 year contract with the team. If the player has no intention of signing with a CFL team then he should be removed from draft eligibility. With a system like this there would be no more wasted picks.

That would then also eliminate players like Chapman from simply using their high CFL draft ranking to solicit NFL interest in themselves while simultaneously shafting their CFL club.

A more enforceable solution might be as follows:
If a team fails to reach a deal with a player selected in the first round, then two years (or two years less a month, or something along those lines) after the date the player was drafted, the team has the option to surrender their claim to the player (allowing any team to add him to their negotiation list) and be granted a supplemental first round pick in the subsequent draft instead.

“selfish player + agent” ??

This is a career for these elite players
It is selfish of us to put our team ahead of their goals.

In fairness to Chapman he was about to sign with the TiCats when an invite to the Broncos Camp at the last minute came out of nowhere.

“I was honestly just about to report to Hamilton, the Tiger-Cats they drafted me. I was getting ready and then I get a call from Denver on a Wednesday morning and I was on the flight two hours later – everything happened really fast.?