Mark Chapman signs with Denver Broncos

Signs with Denver as per Justin Dunk

Good for him, I hope it works out for him

Fixed it for you

Exactly let’s speak some truth here, I hope he fails and comes back here to play… either that or I really don’t care what happens with him.

Kind of wondered if that was the reason he had not signed. Does that change his status with the CFL as to negotiation rights?

As far as I know, once a player is drafted, that team retains his rights until his first contract. I think the player's rights can be traded.

That’s a bummer, but I have to imagine it’s going to be a short term thing.

Broncos training camp starts Saturday July 28th til Aug. 15,
75 players cut down day to 53 players is Sept. 1st

Plus 10 practice squad spots.

Minimum practice squad salaries (2017) are US$7,200 per week, which means US$122,000 for the season for a player that stays on it the whole year. That's way more than he would have made with the Ticats this year. And each game on the active roster, which happens occasionally due to injuries, pays a minimum of US$30,000 - almost half of what he would have made as a Ticat, after conversion.

No guarantees, of course. But definitely worth waiting for, don't you think?

Yeah, we went through something similar with Sam Giguere a few years back.

I think you made a boo boo on your numbers there Grover .

So doing the math you're telling me that there are only 75 players in an NFL camp , 53 make the team , 10 more make the PR leaving only 12 player cuts per team ? I don't know but that 75 player per camp number seems a little low and off to me . I always thought that the max allowed for NFL TC was set at 90 players per team not 75. There seems to be way more than only a dozen or so players per team that are released and possibly available in any given year from NFL final cut down day .

Unbelievable, what a shit show this turned out to be for this season for this player

Don't feel sorry for Chapman. The Ticats wanted him here, offered him a fair contract, and even invited him to Hamilton to watch a game with Bob Young in a private box to motivate Chapman to sign.

If Chapman refuses to sign here and all of his other options dry up, his rights are an asset owed by the Ticats, and can eventually be traded for other assets, just like Hamilton did with Manziel.

Wow.....a voice of reason?

You are correct bobo, it is 90, thanks for correcting! 8)

Good luck to Chapman in Denver . At best he might make the PR but I honestly don't think he'll make the final 53 man roster when it's all said and done . At worst he will just be another warm body and cannon fodder for TC as most FA are when they sign down there and if he's lucky he might see a preseason game or two before being cut adrift in the cut throat business known as the NFL .

Don't blame a kid for trying to live his dream. If nothing else, he should benefit from some quality coaching and practice. The reference to Giguere spooks me however, hope Chapman makes out better if and when he returns.

The Denver Broncos did not wait long to replace Carlos Henderson on the 90-man roster.
According to reports, the team is signing wide receiver Mark Chapman, who was set to join the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. Chapman was the first overall pick of the 2018 CFL draft, but never agreed to terms with Hamilton and eschewed a career north of the border.
A four-year contributor at Central Michigan, Chapman notched 147 receptions for 2,035 yards and 10 touchdowns during his time with the Chippewas. He caught 59 balls for 875 yards and five scores across in 2017, his senior campaign.

Chapman wasn't selected in this year's NFL draft. He received a rookie tryout with the New York Giants, though a contract offer never materialized. He'd been "followed closely by Denver scouts throughout his senior NCAA season and the draft process," sources tell

Chapman fills the roster void left by Henderson, who won't report for the start of training camp later this week as he deals with a family issue. Henderson's agent says the embattled sophomore wideout will return to the team at some point. The Broncos officially announced Wednesday they have placed Henderson and rookie WR Jimmy Williams on the Reserve/Did Not Report list. They're expected to quickly add another receiver.

Chapman, while talented, faces an uphill battle on Denver's depth chart, which is crowded by the likes of Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Courtland Sutton, DaeSean Hamilton, Henderson, Isaiah McKenzie and Jordan Taylor. He's lumped in with fellow longshots (read: practice squad hopefuls) Tim Patrick, John Diarse, Kenny Bell and River Cracraft.

The Broncos will likely retain six WRs on the final, 53-man roster, leaving just two spots up for grabs.

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An update from Broncos Camp with Chapman