Mark Chapman signs in the AAFL

What a waste of a trade/pick.

I don’t blame him, with the way these new spring leagues are throwing/planning to throw money around.

It’s a crapshoot.

Agree on wasting the trade and pick, but there is no guarantee that Chapman makes the AAFL. And if he doesn’t he has just about blown any bargaining power that he might have had.

Might turn out to be the next Giguere - all show and no go.

Of course other option will be the XFL in 2020.

In the NHL teams actually send scouts to a prospects house to meet the family, see how the kid was raised, assess his work ethic and personality in order to see if he will be a good fit within the organization.

In comparison how much work and preparation did the Cat’s scouting staff actually do if they couldn’t even get the guy to come to camp and sign an entry level contract? It’s like the Cats just saw the name and watched a couple of YouTube highlights and decided he was the guy. They should have had a preliminary understanding whether Chapman was even interested in the CFL and an approximation of his salary demands. If the Cats detected any wavering in regards to Chapman’s potential commitment then they could have instead drafted another top talent O-Lineman along with Ciraco and kept Bomben around to help mentor them.

I’m sure the Ticats did their due diligence on Chapman before they drafted him.

I am also annoyed that Chapman isn’t here.

I would appreciate it if Edwards or Dunk did a story on exactly what went wrong here. I’m sure it probably comes down to cash. But what I’d really like to know is did Chapman verbally agree to sign with Hamilton for a certain salary BEFORE they drafted him, only to change his mind and ask for more cash AFTER we drafted him?

Wish the Ticats drafted Daniel Petermann instead.

Ugh this is insane. Completely agree with earlier comments, if they were going to pick him 1 overall and trade Bomben plus picks they had to know 100% that he was going to sign. If they thought he had sniffs of NFL chances or AAFL chances they should have locked him up right away. Horrible asset management, no idea how they blew this that badly. It’s as if they’ve never run a draft before.

Now im not saying HTC fans are perpetual moaners and mush heads when it comes to such things but we could look on the bright side…

When the league collapses, which it surely will because they all do, we could get him back coached up and with high level playing experience. That’s if he even makes a team and plays.

Nice one , Tillman

Ah yes, we’re all mush heads for expecting the first overall pick to show up within 2 years of being drafted. Even if he doesn’t make a team or the league collapses, it sounds like he won’t be here till 2020.

2 full years of minimal practice and game time. Can you not admit that this situation is less than ideal?

Someone should lose their job over this. How do you trade up one spot with a team that most likely would not even be interested in Chapman ( The Als need a lot of help and a Canadian slot back probably was not first on their list) He clearly is not interested in playing in Canada. I know he was born here but raised in the U.S. If he was born in the U.S. he would never be on any CFL teams radar.

If this is your first year following the CFL I apologize.

If it isnt then I’m sure you fully realize the CFL draft is as big a gamble there is and an ever increasing gamble as the calibre of amateur CDNs gets higher and higher.

Given Ciraco alone under normal circumstances its astonishing how anyone could criticize the current regime’s drafting.

But this is Hamilton so…

Yeah because Cat’s drafting record has been stellar the last decade so we’ll give them a pass for botching up a 1st overall pick.

If we’d already had the 1st overall pick, this would be somewhat understandable.

But the fact we traded an asset, for a guy we couldn’t sign is definitely a mistake. I’ll gladly admit Ciraco was a great pick, not sure why you can’t admit that the Bomben trade and subsequent Chapman pick was a misstep.

2018 Draft : Argo first round pick Ryan Hunter
2017Draft : Peg first round pick Geoff Gray

Sometimes your first rounders try the NFL first . You still maintain their CFLrights . Sometimes you pick guys like Duvernay-Tardif, Brett Boyko, Tyler Varga, Christian Covington, David Onyemata, Antony Auclair, Justin Senior, Eli Ankou, … . in later rounds, so that if they make an NFL roster, you still have their CFL rights.

The draft is a crap shoot as far as landing your picks is concerned. If blame is to be awarded for drafting a guy who doesn’t report and sign, then all the CFL teams share the blame equally. Our first pick in 2011 was a centre from UConn, Moe Petrus. He decided to go into the movie business with his father-in-law, rather than play pro football.

Whatya gonna do ?Sometimes stuff just happens.

Pat Lynch (the old guy who trusts Tillman and his personnel team.)

I agree with Pat and OMD. It’s a crap shoot. Drafting a player gives you the CFL rights to him, if he comes to the CFL. You can’t force the guy to sign. If he decides to go elsewhere, he goes.

Expecting him to promise in advance that if we draft him, he will forego opportunities in other leagues and sign with us immediately instead is ridiculous.

Good luck to him. Maybe we’ll see him down the road apiece.

Given the draft record over the past three years I’m willing to give them a pass for sure.

Given Chapman’s highlight packages, he definitely looked like a June Jones system kinda guy. Can understand why they’d get excited over him.

If you understand that the CFL draft is a crapshoot (and I agree it is), that’s all the more reason not to trade a starting, all-star NAT player who has made a long-term commitment to your team for … a crapshoot.

If I was a gambler I’d have been much more willing to take the risk that maybe MTL doesn’t take Chapman with the first pick anyway.