Mark Chapman... is the money freed up now from our #1 pick?

been away from the site for a long time.. but what the heck... did we not free up some monies in the Manziel deal.. enough to satisfy our # 1 Canadian draft pick-- a thought :wink: :-\

Too late for a rookie national to come in and make a positive difference. Let him sit and don't burn a year of his contract control.

Somehow I don't think so, Here is a quote from Justin Dunk's article on March 7, 2018

"If new Montreal Alouette defensive lineman Westerman plays six games in 2018 he’ll make $218,000 plusperformance bonuses on histwo-year contract."

He makes more than Johnny and has already played 5 games for Montreal.

Chris Williams is making in the $200k range for 2018 according to a quote from a Montreal Gazette article below.

"Hervey decided the Lions could make due without Williams, a high-ticket guy who’s due to make more in 2018 — perhaps $200,000 — than he did last season."

These two seem to be making a lot more than Johnny. That doesn't look like it leaves enough cash for Chapman.

Uh oh, that's a lot of salary we just took on.

Maybe we should trade Breaux Sr for a 2027 draft pick.

Farhan Lalji clarified. We only owe Westerman 90k.

Sure and what happens next year?

CFL is non guaranteed contracts. If you don't see value in a player he may be released.

We need to sign Chapman. Masoli needs more weapons.

Got a feeling that more trades are impending.

Capiciotti? Banks?

Lots of cash for Chapman would be freed up by those deals.

Maybe Williams is a replacement for Banks? Banks wanted change....

As for Chapman, I applaud the Cats for not throwing $$$ at this kid. He has done nothing to warrant a high value contract and I think the "convention" of every first round pick getting a larger deal than the last is grating on the teams and owners. The Cats seem to be taking the position that it is okay for teams not to "fall in line" with the first-overall pick payout scam. I hope other teams follow suit.

Well its too late to sign Chapman. What did the Broncos see in this guy that the cats missed.
Hope he catches on with the Broncos, it'll be good experience for him and hopefully come back to us in a couple of years.

Well done ticat management.

it is obvious that the Cats loved Chapman. Giving up what they did to move one slot in the draft. I am guessing he will sign back next season with Hamilton and get a chance to play with some good players and coaches in camp in Denver.
Doesn't even look like we will be starting a National at receiver if all our receivers get healthy.

Yeah, well done not being able to match NFL pay.

Here we go again. What we need is a stronger O-line. If JM can’t get the ball to the receivers because their D-line is all over him, doesn’t matter who the heck is out there catching balls! We just got rid of some O-linemen, we need to beef up the line!!