Mariuz should be benched

Two stupid penalties that cost the cats tonight. This guy is not new he should know better. It is time for the coaches to come down on the players for stupid crap like this

if we came down on the players we have for stupid crap like this..

there would be no one left on the field

we d have to let the water boy and team doctor play flag football for us.

The coach needs to enforce punishment for stupid penalties, maybe put a fine in place, a dollar a penalty yard, or a lap a penalty yard, whatever the coach prefers, but i forgot, Charlie wants to have fun. play sit....

Had he sat ...we would have been spared one more bonehead move....


Hopefully Obie will see what he has and recruit some GOOD players next year. I like that we have increased the size of the receivers, we can not get some of those jump balls. Five or six yard passes are ok if the receiver is moving downfield when making the catch as they can gain yards after catch. Standing, not moving 4 yards up field is just not going to cut it.

Hopefully Obie will see what he has and recruit some GOOD players next year
8) Everyone can see what he has !!
Why didn't he recruit some GOOD players this year is the question that begs to be answered !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

can't stand Mariuz. alright special teams guy for the most part but not starting quality.

So you would have benched Richie after that ridiculous foot first slide?

It's hard to play more stupid than that.

Start Bauman, then you can bench Mariuz.

The only problem with that is that Lumsden is now hurt and chances are he is going to miss a couple games with a high ankle sprain.

But that is just speculation on his injury on my behalf.

I totally agree with you if Jesse was healthy.

I guess you could say I would rarily agree with you then.

  • paul

Thats why he is a career backup though capn.

We would definatey have more flexibility if Cedric had not been hurt against Montreal at the beginning of the season. With him, Jesse, and Bauman healthy, we have three good (or great) NI players the would help us with the ratio. Why JoJo starts ahead of Bauman is beyond me. Miles, Rodrigues, Bauman, Woodcock, and Mitchell (5th rec) would be MY choice as starting receivers...

Me too....but I have to admit JoJo has come a long way......
He has come to play this year....maybe putting a scare into him worked......he's a new guy..
Maybe.....others should be given a scare too...

So i know this is way off topic but how can you say Mitchell should start before walker? Walker has out preformed Mitchell a ton in the last 2 games.

I have to agree.

The only reason I said Mitchell is because of his size. For that reason as well, I would put Jackson ahead of JoJo. Woodcock and Miles get the nod for their experience.

Are you talking about the holding penalty and the illegal block penalty, both occurring on run-backs?

I admit that one of his penalties in particular was unfortunate because it negated a large run-back, but that kind of penalty hardly deserves a benching - it's not like he pulled a Dwight Anderson or anything. Neither of the 2 penalties was for unnecessary roughness or even no yards where the player "ought to know better".

And checking the stats, he had 5 tackles, including at least one in the Montreal backfield on Cobourne for a loss. Only one player on the team had more tackles.


He should know better than blocking someome square on the back.......

Let's get back to Ray Marius - The only reason why he is not cut - non-import. I think Obie needs to shoulder some of this crap - How could anyone think Marius could out play an American linebacker. Sit him down and do not let him play,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I thought his first penalty was pretty cheap (the one on the kickoff return). He basically ran over a guy and got called for holding.