Mariuz Retires............Again

According to Drew Edwards' Twitter account, Ray Mariuz has retired.!/scratchingpost

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost #Ticats LB Ray Mariuz has retired. #CFL
Good special teamer. Solid back up at LB. And a Canadian!

Was wondering when this would happen as TC was approaching quickly. Ray helped us out a lot last year by coming back and we should all appreciate him for his years of dedication to the Black and Gold :slight_smile:

I'm still trying to understand these last-minute before training camp retirements. Yesterday, it was Willie Pile of the Argos and today it's Mariuz of the 'Cats.

Sometimes its a numbers thing, you can only have so many bodies in camp so if the team knows what they are getting from a vet like that they could ask him to sit. Not saying this is the case for either player you mentioned though.

Odd thing, Adam Tafralis retired too. See bottom of 1st story on Drew’s blog.

My daughter is going to be thrilled by the Tafralis news. She told me she'd rather see him retire than play for the blue team lol