Mariuz is no starter

I certainly felt he wasn't before and this gamne shows he's a good specialty team guy only
wth rookie defensive tackles and a canadian backup in mariuz playing linebacker we can't stop the run ..what are we going top do against reynolds , roberts , smith of BC ....WE NEED A GY LIEK ARMOUR

even moreno looked bad ..i wa snever a fan of gordon and he made their reciecver look like geroy simon tonight

WOODCOCK AND Mitchell looked ok and printers showed heart
where was ponder i thought they were going with 4 american starters ?

i think the fault has to lay on the head coach ....all the dumb penalties poor execution ..look like ahigh school team like last year

Mariuz has never been a starter and should not be now.

we should a let charlie go to west virginia

we should a let charlie go to west virginia
I got a few Air Miles I'm not using... :wink:

me too....
can we take up a collection..

but wait.. if he goes we re stuck with that defensive genius denny whatzisname... the guy who made the calgary stampeders such a defensive dynamo (next to worst defense in the league - guess who was the worst? ya only get one guess - they play in a delapidated stadium/ have screwed up their heritage with a logo that is meaningless... meow and have seemingly lost all self respect long ago


It was very obvious. Ray always had good positioning, but was driven 5-7 yards off of the ball on every run. Too small.

Let's try The Hulk.

What should have been done was resign Armour..
But the boat has Sailed Sadly.:oops:
By The Way Armour is now using #2 Last night
He Looked very good as The Stamps Won..

Can we stop the self loathing any time soon? They lost a game. It happens. There's another game next week and every week after that for the next 5 months.

It's frustrating because it's been 5 years. But none of that matters now. THis is this season and this team is the first step of the rebuilding by the current front office headed by Obie.

So to start cursing the team for everything from players, to logos and stadiums over this one game is just a rediculous rant.