Maritime fans

I'm just curious...

We have a number of Maritime fans on these forums, mostly Als or Argo fans IIRC. If a new Maritime team becomes a reality, how many of you are prepared to change loyalties to support them?

For myself, I might just say Winnipeg is my Western team and Halifax/Moncton my Eastern team. It would certainly be a quandary if they ever met in the GC, but considering the Maritime team doesn't exist yet, and "rebuilding" is a polite and optimistic spin on the Bombers' current state, I don't really expect to live that long... :lol:

For me I see it as a duty. You want something you have to support it.

I have been an Argo fan ever since I first started watching CFL football so no matter what I would still call Toronto my favorite team. That being said I would buy season tickets for a new Maritime CFL team if it were based in Halifax and quickly adopt it as my 2'nd favorite team.

Born and raised in Hamilton currently living in Moncton. Should I stay here for a prolonged period of time my loyalties will still not change. That said, I would become a season ticket holder for a local club to support the game.

As a New Englander, I would root for a maritime team. Montreal and Ottawa are a lot closer, but I like the idea of an upstart team for the Atlantic Pronvinces. :thup:

For the first time ever, every province would have a natural geographic team to root for.


Quebec City and Anchorage for teams 11 and 12. :twisted:

Anchorage is in the US, so won't likely happen.

Personally, I think it's one of the only places in the US that actually makes pretty good sense.

You could probably include Boise, Idaho (who already have a CFL-ready stadium). I doubt Boise's getting an NFL franchise anytime soon...or Portland, Oregon for that matter...or perhaps Rochester, N.Y. which had a team in the Ontario Rugby Football Union until 1960 (playing Canadian football).

Speaking of the Maritimes, a poll was published last week which showed a Halifax CFL franchise could average 27,000 fans at their games:

[b]New poll suggests CFL team in Halifax would be big hit amongst fans[/b] [url=] ... ngst-fans/[/url]