Maritime expansion - Cohon's 5 year plan

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He didn’t really say a lot if you watch the video (its 15 mins and they only discuss expansion for a minute near the end). The only thing he really said, and the key thing, is that he used the term “5-year plan” which is to my recollection the first time he’s solidly said yes, we’re working on it, rather than there could be potential.

Still very vague, but exciting none-the-less.

If they can find a way to get a venue in Halifax, it could happen. The model is the same as Ottawa’s IMO. I think they should hit now while Savage is mayor and McKay’s party is in power. Once the NDP is kicked to the curb in the next provincial election if they have support at all 3 levels of government, the opportunity will never be better.

Quebec City and Moncton=Halifax both need Stadiums to be built.
Halifax had Federal money committed( about 25%) to a soccer Stadium for the upcoming Womens world cup and Halifax council opted out. :roll:
Halifax also bailed on the Commonwealth games after undercutting Hamilton,s bid that screwed Hamilton out of their Stadium on the waterfront a decade or so ago citing they couldn't afford it. :roll:
If they build a Stadium and have strong enough ownership they will get an expansion franchise IMHO

I wonder if David Braley would get involved with a maritime team if he sells the Argos?

Yea, nothing new, he said the same thing back in November at the state of the league address. He will be saying the same thing 5 years from now. Does anyone really think there is a group of rich investors out there waiting to start a CFL team? It doesn’t matter what the commish wants.
When OSEG came forward with their proposal it was nothing to do with the CFL trying get a team there or the Mayor actively pursuing a CFL team, it was about developers wanting to develop Lansdowne and saying that they could run a football team too.
I think people were talking CFL in the Maritimes 40 years ago, and they will still be talking about it 40 years from now.

Ironically, when Halifax screwed Hamilton (over the Commonwealth games) they ended up screwing the Argos. If Hamilton had built a Commonwealth Stadium back in the day, the Pan Am folks would be building a shiny new stadium for the Argos today.

Yes you are right and the Commonwealth games are a much bigger event and Hamilton would have been stuck with a 40,000 plus seat stadium and we would be discussing how we can reduce seating to around 24k!!!