Mario Cecchini speaks about a potential return to normal

Note when he says the word Merger is very pre-mature

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I just said that :grinning:

Till the Cheque clears... kind of comment

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One interesting comment from Cecchini when asked if the Als owners could handle another lost season, he said the owners had expected to lose money in their first 36 months.

Did he say that they expected to lose money in their first 36 months before covid and with fans in the stands? If he expected to lose money with fans in the stands then they have huge problems now with another canceled season.

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When has anyone used the word?
And The CFL cant afford to send cheques to save the XFL

He was asked if the owners could withstand another cancelled season. He answered they were financially solid, they had figured on losing money for the 1st 36 months. (But likely not this much, thus the urgency to have some form of 2021 season.)

J'ai apprécié l'entrevue avec le Président Cecchini. Il a été franc dans ses réponses.

Lui et les autre dirigeants de la LCF vont certainement porter une grande attention au budget fédéral de lundi prochain. Personnellement et tenant compte de la situation avec la COVID au Canada, particuliÚrement en Ontario, je suis certain que le Fédéral va prolonger certaines mesures, telles les aides concernant les salaires et d'autres dépenses, telles location, au delà du 30 juin 2021; ce sera au moins jusqu'à la fin de septembre 2021 et fort possiblement jusqu'à la fin de décembre 2021.

Concernant la saison 2021, les Gouverneurs doivent se rĂ©unir le 20 avril 2021, et une dĂ©cision sera certainement prise concernant la saison 2021. Je crois que le dĂ©but de la saison 2021 sera reportĂ© d'un minimum de 4 semaines et d'un maximum de 6 semaines, tenant compte de la situation actuelle. Je crois vraiment qu'il y aura une saison 2021; oui, moins de 18 parties mais une saison quand mĂȘme.


Je crois qu'ils attendent de voir si l'aide salariale aux employeurs va etre prolongé, si c'est NON, je crois qu'ils feront un trait sur la saison. Si oui ils reporteront leur décision a l'été.

Pour ce qui est de CERB, il y a 40 000 emplois d'été sans candidats présentement pour le Quebec sueulement! Ce serait vraiment un mauvaise idée de donner 2000.00 par mois a des étudiants qui n'ont pas perdu ces sommes.

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Le moment de vérité concernant le budget fédéral 2021-2022 est dans un peu plus de 4 heures. Nous aurons réponses à plusieurs questions.

Selon les rumeurs à date et également selon la majorité des experts et économistes, certaines mesures relatives à COVID-19, dont aide salariale aux entreprises et aide concernant la location, seront maintenus jusqu'au 30 septembre 2021.

Si ainsi, je crois que les Dirigeants de la LCF vont retarder l'entrée en vigueur de la saison 2021 d'au moins 4 semaines et d'un maximum de 6 semaines. On devrait en savoir plus demain ou mercredi.


I seriously doubt that they will announce it with the budget. There are plenty of places to hide it, or claim there is not enough funds

The wage subsidy and rent measures will end in June; in order to go beyond that date it has to be approved by Parliament and the Senate. Cannot hide this in your back pocket, no matter how big your pocket is.

I am 100% positive that extension of these measures, to at least the end of September,2021, will be in today's budget ,which will have to be approved by Parliament and Senate. One-time costs of these measures should be in the vicinity of $10. billions.


HIde was not the best choice of words.What I mean was If they do decide to help out the CFL it won't be in the budget announcement, it will be a line item under a larger category

The measures such as wage subsidy and aid in expenses, such as location, have been extended to September 2021, in the 2021-2022 Federal Budget.


But the league had those subsidies last year and still couldn't afford to play with no fans.

It's time for Ambrosie & Co. to spit or get off the pot, if only for the sake of the players. They have to divulge a plan such as:

In order to have a season we require 1/3 of a season at 25% capacity, 1/3 at 50%, 1/3 at 100%. Otherwise we will have to cancel the season. Something along these lines.

The virus would still be the unknown in all this, but at least we would know where things stand.

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Yeah but it was not just the no fans aspect!
The feds would not sign off on allowing the bubble, they insisted on 14 day quarantine for Americans...

Forgot about that, but they now let the NHL rich kids get away with 7 days. So I assume that would now apply to the CFL also.

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if you can take the man at his word,
This is encouraging!

Stern said and noted he’s prepared to play without fans in the stands.

“I’m not hiding. I told you I’m in. I’m committed. I’m not running anywhere. We’re funding it.”


And the word merger is nowhere to be seen