Marino's Next Career

So where will our favorite bad guy end up now? Is his football career down down in flames or would someone consider him worth a second shot? Pro wresting? Police officer? Will he disappear, never to be seen again? Let's get some opinions for what the future holds for Mr. Marino. Keep it clean, please.

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Bouncer at a strip club, if they still exist


Garette Marino will take his considerable talents south of the border and enjoy a long and lucrative career working in the US Medical community as a 'Patient Recruiter'. His primary job will be to identify American Citizens who are fully insured and beat the living crap out of them. In this way the US Medical System will continue to grow and prosper like no other.

Gawd bless America (salute, fireworks, flag hug). :boom: :anger: :dizzy:


He's sure given the snowflakes alot of heart attacks eh

Yes but to meet his new 'cardiac quotas' he'll have to double down on his 'Scary Mask' expenditures and up the voltage on his 'Wealthy Senior Citizen Zapper'.

I think he would make a speed bump, or perhaps a spittoon?

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Mafia enforcer maybe?


Without joking, I wonder how how would do in MMA

Well he certainly has the neck for it. If he can take it as well as he dishes it out, maybe.

I think he plays next year in the CFL. All will be forgiven after the season is over. They’ll say he got counselling or anger management or something similar

MMA might pay better though

lol true. Probably won’t get fined as much

Dave Naylor doing damage control for the league already

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Dude would tap out to a simple arm bar. His opponent wouldn't waste the effort beating with a more elaborate move like a rear naked choke or a triangle choke hold

His next career......truck stop bathroom attendant.


Elementary School Hall Monitor followed by Sandbox Shovel and Pail Operator and finally Nursing Home Quilt Quota Foreman.

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That position is too good for MariNO. Those guys make tax-free dough