Marino Still Cheap Shotting

How long will the league allow Marino the cheap shot artist to play in this league. Brutal missed call by the officials, although Marino will be getting fined, for his late, behind the back, cheap shot on Zach Collaros. Even the beloved homeboy Suitor called it a cheap shot.


When he adds up what he earned playing football at the end of the season he's gonna have a hard time living through the off season without taking another job.....

Mafia hitman maybe.

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The PA needs to grow a set of nuts, and kick this clown out of tbe union. Then the league can suspend him indefinitely.


i agree it was a cheap shot but its not suspendable. wasnt that bad, but does push the envelope. so, fine him a game's pay. if you keep fining guys a game's pay some guys will play for free and less to their pension. however, sometimes an organization should make a statement and release a guy.

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I swear there is head contact in that shot.

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Thanks okie for posting the clip. I missed that play when I stepped out of the room for a minute.

I like how Marino feigns innocence by putting his hands up after he knocks Zach down.

Not sure about head contact. Was surprised at no flag and shocked at no challenge. Pretty sure the CC would have called an infraction. I know I would have.

Marino is not making fans. I hope for his own sake he is putting money away or working on a marketable skill, because unless Buono comes back to the league (or Chris Jones stays in it for more than 10 minutes), I think this may be his last football contract.

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And his grammar is terrible! :wink:

It's a hard hit. I think there's helmet to helmet contact, but he doesn't have a ton of momentum, so it looks like it's all coming from his arms. At the same time, he has to know Collaros doesn't have the ball. He looks like he could see the hand off and then Collaros has his arms up against his body with his head still turned. He saw a defenceless QB and took as hard a shot as he could. Brutal.


Quelle surprise. Cheap shot creep can’t take the feedback.


Thus far, 3 quarterbacks have been long-term sidelined in games against Saskatchewan. Masoli, Rourke & O'Conner. Not drawing any conclusions -- QB injuries happen -- I just find it interesting.

It appears that Marino was going for # 4. Why is this man still in the CFL?


Seams Marino never learned anything from his last suspension, the CFL should send a massage by suspending him for the remainder of the year,


Two of those have nothing to do with the Riders. Rourke rolled his ankle and OConnor has a non-related groin or leg issue.

No excuses for Marino's actions... what he did against Massoli was a scumbag move. The Collaros incident yesterday was far less egregious, but should have been flagged.

But trying to tie multiple quarterback injuries to the Riders when you know very well that two thirds of them have nothing to do with the team is simply casting aspersions for no reason other than being petty or wanting to stir the pot.

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There has been a lot of speculation that O’Connor has cracked ribs because of the Sankey hit. I don’t know if that’s true.

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First Ive heard of that.

I’ve read it on here a few times but no confirmation of the actual injury from the team. There was nothing wrong with his legs by the looks of it and given the type of hit it’s certainly possible.

Here I just thought he was like an extreme version of Trevor Harris and folded after getting hit.
Apparently the training staff told him that he was ok to go back out and he refused