Marino Karma Sinking The Riders

Since I'm a believer in karma I get to enjoy it's full effects on the pitiful Riders. Ever since Marino attacked Masoli with a cheap shot it all began to unravel for the green and white (that's for you big guy). The Riders organization ( and lots of their fans) defended Marino instead of getting rid of him right away. Watching their season go down the drain ever since the incident has been a pleasure to behold. The Riders won't win another game this season which means the Ticats only have to win one of their last three games to prevent the cross-over. Great to see the Riders won't be making it to their home Grey Cup game.


there are opinions that hold water and then there is yours.
but yea the riders will not be in the grey cup and do not deserve a playoff spot, the same with the team they played last night don't deserve it either. but the rest of your post as to the WHY of it is kind of a wrong minded and sounds like a childish vendetta. But you do you.

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A huge FYI for you
ONE fan here defended Marino from the green crew and from the hundreds of fans i personally know NOT ONE defended him.
Also if the CFL would have stepped in sooner to say if he gets cut they would not honor his new contract with ANY team he would have been cut wat sooner...everyone knows at least two teams would have picked him up. with not feeling bad at all about it the EE for one and most likely your team too. You may have even decided to defend him yourself then as the guy is beast on the pass rush. I can already hear you saying he got fired and learned his lesson so drop it. This is past history. He is on my team now and all is well

I have to disagree with your premise that Marino Karma has anything to do with the poor performance of the Riders this year. In fact Karma is a non existent concept we often use as an excuse. The brilliant Bill Maher recently explained why this is so. Click on the link below for his sensible and funny explanation.


Great way to put it is all I can say about what Bill said about KARMA in that clip... should be required viewing for every person who wants to politics or religion or sports

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yea the idea of karma as most people think of it is hogwash.


And as I said at the time, look where his cut got us. Run over by Hamilton's beat up oline and second string running back

on the riders echo chamber there is a multi page thread dedicated to why they shouldn't have released him.

many more than "one" fan...


Agreed. It is simple, brilliant, funny and accurate.

And we have the clear winner for worst team fans 2022 championship

Which team gets the dishonor of having to claim the thread starter ?

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Then again we have already come to realize this before this thread starter

at least when we host, we play.

enjoy hosting from your basement.

Longest current drought without a GC :laughing:..

And thats in a very poor division.

well said, from your basement.

You still have to beat Ottawa which isnt exactly a given...

i don’t subscribe to sweeping generalizations that any team’s fanbase is necessarily worse than any other. there are bad apples and good oranges in every crowd.

The good oranges are an exception, not the rule in Hamilton.

The CFL's two largest fanbases will always look bad.

Because when you have major fanbases you get a mix of good and bad.

Hamilton and Saskatchewan will continue to be one and two.

the bombers and their massive fanbase clearly put that theory in the garbage.


the bombers fanbase wishes it was a strong as Hamilton or Saskatchewan.

but I'd trade our fanbase size for a Grey Cup. So they have that going for them.

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