Marilyn Monroe watching the Stamps

Chris Cuthbert tweeted this out .

Now me using a Johnny Carson voice " I did not know that " .


There are iconic photos of her in Banff too


I believe she was with Joe DiMaggio at that time enjoying the area together .

I'm thinking that's probably a Hudson's Bay jacket she's wearing ,no?


Yes it is

I think the colours of the photograph are off a bit for some reason her hair was too red as she was blonde then and the Hudson Bay jacket's colours are washed out too dark .


The picture said many things all at once .

the CFL had it's own movie star in the making ( sugar foot ) ......

The racial progressive feel for the times in Canada versus some places at THAT TIME did not see it that way .....

The iconic Hudson Bay coat which I am sure many people here have photos of relatives wearing that jacket it was popular back then .


of course The iconic Marilyn .


Hey! What happened to my posts on the death of Marilyn Monroe? It was relevant to the topic

I liked it but someone didn't see it that way .

I find it interesting .

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Okay I understand certain people don't like the UFO/UAP posts that I have made, but Marilyn Monroe was a real person, a Hollywood icon. Her death isn't a conspiracy theory. It's been investigated by legitimate news agencies over the years.

Marilyn's death deserved answers. Everybody seems focused on her films and not the woman behind the image

Oh my eyes were opened with the Kennedy revelation .

Plus Hollywood scandals and the ability to keep secrets

and the LAPD etc.... etc ...

cover ups are not a stretch .

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There is a FOIA release of the FBI surveillance on Dorothy Kilgallen(by investigator, Mark Shaw) which had verified a phone call from Marilyn a few days before she died. If Marilyn didn't make that call, she may have lived.

Shaw's book "Collateral Damage" is being option for a film

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Have you watched the last phone call by Lee Harvey Oswald on YT ?

I heard of it. I believe there was also an anonymous phone call to the BBC news department within 20 minutes of the shooting in Dealey Plaza. I think Oswald was the caller.

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It's done well in lecture form starts out dry .

He goes all out to show where , who but after the verification the pieces come together .

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I'll will watch the video you have suggested

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Mark Shaw an 'Investigator'? Man your gullibility knows no bounds.

" Donald McGovern reviews Mark Shaw’s recent book Collateral Damage , largely about the deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen, and discovers that the author recklessly engaged in twisting the facts to suit his theories through the use of a fabricated friendship, peculiar and unreliable resources, discredited witnesses, and more"

From Collateral Damage: Mark Shaw’s Public Atrocity, Part 1

But I'm sure since that doesn't fit your narrative, you'll ignore it.

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Who's Donald McGovern???? A faceless review looking for clickbaits. Wow! you just gave him a paycheck.

Shaw is a lawyer, knows how do to research.

So now you have somebody else dictate your view on a iconic figure. Come back to me when you read the book instead of being lazy googling a review

If you can find the book Double Cross by it the US government had it removed from shelves i is written by Mafia boss who knows the shit that was happening at the time and when the book was published by the time it hit the shelves the Mafia boss writer was murdered. I have the book and I know the answers. Anyone interested contact me.

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Wonder if ole sugar foot got any sugar from MM.. She wasnt exactly a girl who played hard to get.. Lol

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Was in Jasper a few years ago and while on a walk - got caught in a thunderstorm so we ducked into the museum. They had a whole Marilyn Monroe exhibit with pictures and stories from people in the town. Part of river of no return was filmed in Jasper and it was where she and Robert Mitchum stayed - her because she wouldn't cover her bare shoulders, him because of his cannabis conviction. (Banff Springs wouldn't let them stay there....)
The coolest story was three kids who were out walking along the highway and this limo pulls over (nobody had seen one in Jasper) and Marilyn asked if they liked baseball. So two days later they meet her in the train yard and meet her then husband Joe DiMaggio and get autographs and all that.
The coolest picture in the bunch was one that one of the townspeople took of the couple walking holding hands in front of Baxters....