Marijuana Sponsorship

It can be challenged in the Supreme Court since it is decrimalized and legal. Current ad prohibitions are on shaky legal grounds and aren't etched in stone

but you cant advertise cigarettes

Since 1972 (1988 by legislation) ... and, with all the money available to them, if the tobacco industry hasn't seen fit to challenge that ban I doubt the foundation of those laws is all that shaky.


This is an old man league. Forget the Marijuana side of the business.

I think CBD products need to be heavily advertised in the CFL.

If there was ever an example of target market advertising this is it!!!

@sully are there no gaps in the legislation allowing for this type of product advertising?


Tegridy Farms would be a terrific CFL sponsor.


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It's the product of the tobacco industry that is shaky. Marijuana doesn't cause cancer nor is it a burden on Canada's Health System like smoking is

I agree with the last sentence (although some will argue that it will take a few years to assess whether legalization of marijuana will burden the health care system in non-cancer ways) ... but the challenge would fundamentally be against the law, and not about the product, would it not.

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There are more benefits of marijuana than tobacco. The only one to conduct an assessment on the dangers of Weed are anti-drug segment within the Healthcare community. The Law over time evolves. Abortions were illegal at one time, but not anymore. The sale of weed through advertising will break through that legal scenario

a take off an old joke/pun/whatever.

I said to my wife, marijuana (mispronouncing it of course) and she said ok. So we did.

I never was very romantic.

ahh hell, they trying to legalize all drugs now.

The legalization of prostitution is next

That is already legal,

Last time I was in court as the defendant, I lost just after the other lawyer said.....

And the prostitution rests. Bang went the gavel !


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Not that the league was aware of last I heard in 2019/2020; and we have some very informed people on the board (and partnerships staff). I suppose someone could bring forth a constitutional challenge but it sure won't be the Canadian Football League doing that or footing that bill.

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Double up with Budweiser. “This bud’s for you!” Free reefer with every 12 or 24 pack of Bud!

Would sell like hotcakes! :yum:

Then afterwards, hotcakes would sell like hotcakes.


It would have to be a grow-op that raises the constitutional issue

Don't want to smell that junk at CFL games. Period.


Have a beverage or a brownie.


Wanna play CFL Football? Got the MJ Munchies? Come to Winnipeg and satisfy BOTH cravings! (The sales pitch that might've brought 'Whop' Philyor here). :grin: