Marijuana Sponsorship

Ideally yeah, but not the same as the other drugs.

No where in Canada can you advertise cigarettes..been like that for decades


Weed legalization will bring more fun in our lives, haha. I expect the weed companies like sponsors of anti-drug events, haha.

And they only allowed liquor ads on TV until about 3 years ago, just beer ads.

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Lol, that’s good. Puff puff pass. Hahaha

Put the ads next to the pizza pizza signs

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Can't see the CFL endorsing Weed adds anytime soon.

Why not? if the league has taken it off their banned substance list and the players use marijuana for recovery. The league should be progressive in allowing ads to a legalized product. Beat the other professional leagues in North America to the punch

It would be TSN that allows the ads, they control what is shown on their screen not the CFL. The virtual ads are shown on the turf and seen on TV screens not in the stadiums, the sponsors/advertisers pay TSN for it not the CFL

The league could get around it by advertise on their website. Teams could place advertisements in their stadiums. TSN has no control over that. It's a revenue stream TSN is ignoring

I'm pretty sure the league and TSN work together on what ads are shown during broadcasts.

All the more for the CFL to end their relationship with TSN. The league has to find a better partner with a different network

I'm not against Cannabis and other products oil, gummies, food products. As a revenue stream for sports entities, I believe it will happen in the near future. The problem is how do you advertise responsible without causing an uproar with the naysayers.
It was difficult to be the first to advertise condoms, sanitary pads and yes toilet paper...

TSN and the CFL will be around for many many years. The more ad revenue that TSN receives the greater the chance the CFL will get a better broadcast deal in the future.
The only network other than TSN that has the equipment and facilities to televise CFL games would be the CBC. The CBC is slowly getting out of the sports broadcasting, they only have the Saturday NHL.
Sportsnet has the Jays, Raptors, Leafs and likely take the 80 or so Rays baseball games when they come to Montreal.
The only sports choice is TSN and the future is internet "streaming", everyone has the internet and every year fewer households have cable/satellite.

The CFL isn't locked in to TSN. There are three options for the CFL to gain a better Media rights deal. It shops their TV deal to another network like Global/Corus Entertainment, create their own channel like the NFL Network or put all games on streaming sites like DAZN or Amazon Prime to get a better partnership than TSN

Theoretically yes ... but none guarantee better results ... their own network or streaming likely takes casual fans out the viewing equation ... and there is no guarantee that any other outlets would be interested ... I have to expect the CFL owners are greedy enough to make the deal that they feel will generate the most money for them ... and don't know that they are in a position to take less money even if the presentation/broadcast/etc. would be better.

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Weed legalization will bring more fun in our lives, haha. I expect the weed companies like sponsors of anti-drug events, haha. About the topic, I think CFL shouldn't accept any weed sponsorship. At the same time, they can accept the sponsors selling CBD cream or other CBD-related medicine, they are legal, and this is medicine, not drugs. I always wondered why any team didn't take the sponsor connected with CBD. Maybe the main points are hidden in contracts between CFL and teams idk.


HaHa, are we currently sampling HaHa. :laughing:

I agree overall, I just wonder if the CFL has explored this, if so would this type of revenue stream chase some fans or other sponsors away. I think it's still a delicate subject for many. I believe sometime in the near future as other sport entities get on board this will happen


To early. Imo.

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Nope; the law banning on advertising marijuana extends to all mediums.