Marijuana Sponsorship

Just not in Regina...


The government has failed in most Business ventures. Good at taxes.
The issue is will the government actually make a Dollar after all the expenses.
Studies have show No. Dreamers saw Billions. How! They tax on sales! but half sales or more are under the table. Government will supply free herb to the needy, Free health and medical care for increase smoking. 500 employees working as watch dogs. Extra police and accountant investigators, 20 committees going a once, and a 100 other expenses.

Again your right underground will cash in big time like Gambling does.
Government picks up crumbs again and big time liability.

Good job to point out some evidence there - smoke or vape all you want analogous to those who choose drinking (preferably not in heavy excess, but hey your choice), but none of these choices are healthy.

Some around Greater Denver have gotten rather arrogant and greedy lately, so as to invite federal scrutiny these days, by attempting to push also the line that somehow marijuana use is healthy. :roll:

Marijuana is many things, but get over this nonsense that marijuana use is healthy though certainly certain strains for medical use are better than prescription alternatives. All drugs have side effects though whether disclosed or undisclosed.

Those pushing that line will ruin it for the whole bunch as did the cigarette and alcohol industries long ago by pandering such nonsense for nothing more than to court the next generation of users out of sheer greed.

Thanks Brianjoxx … I am required to be “up to date” on this type of legislation and the legal actions that are ongoing in this area for my job. As a result, just about the day this came out, I got to read it and it contains many of the answers that people are looking for.

I actually think this legislation is going to be really scary for people. I really mean it when I say “gain one freedom and lose six”. There is stuff in these recommendations, that if adapted will potentially mean more charges and difficulties for people than they presently have, even without legalization/decriminalization.

The funny part … The people that this is going to affect the most are just thinking they will have a “free ride” to get high wherever they want … :lol: Good luck with that! :roll:


Of course. Like with any new freedoms especially in a world with a shorter attention span than ever, everyone celebrates them but few think about the consequences until it's too late. It's human nature. Rinse and repeat for any legalized or liberalized vice.

The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, as amended by the 1972 Protocol
The Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971;
The United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988.

I think those are three international treaties that a lot of people want to pretend do not exist as well. This is why they want to have all the provinces agree to it, but not make it a federal law. It is shady BS and an attempt to bypass those treaties and IMO very concerning, even if I don;t care if it is legalized. You don't circumvent "red tape" simply because it makes it difficult, you push to change it. If someone who was not in politics did this it would be refered to as criminal.

Is any given province or territory allowed to opt out of legalization, and if so does such a position affect in any way the rest of the provinces or territories except for of course trafficking?
And between Canadian jurisdictions with legal pot, would trafficking be allowed? (in contrast to in the US in which any pot crossing state lines invites federal law enforcement even if the two states both have legal pot)

Off the top of my head, I know that any province can decriminalize it, because policing it is a provincial matter. Same way that you can decriminalize impaired driving in a province, and then set your own penalties for it. Legalization is another matter, ant they can't do that I do not think.

No, trafficking would not be legal, and crossing state/provincial lines with controlled substances is largely the same in the US and Canada. It is actually illegal to transport booze or tobacco across provincial lines as well, outside of predetermined limits, same as when you bring a bottle back from the states....most people just dont realize it is illegal because unless you fill up a truck cops are generally not going to say anything....if legalized I would imagine that pot would be treated in the same casual manner in time...and then, you know, the next hot narcotic will come up and be the craze to legalize...gateways are real when something becomes commonplace and nonchalant

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Nobody buys weed in Vancouver on the black market anymore - you just go to the store. You don't know what you're talking about.

No, it will be federal legislation, the provinces can't opt out.

I don't remember a game that people aren't blazing up. "Marijuana" makes people show up to football/any live sports

My understanding is not w/o the feds legalizing, but they can decriminalize. Now if a province does not want it, all they have to do is raise the legal age for it to say, 60. There are administrative ways around it and essentially making it illegal,

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What are you guys talking about? Nobody, certainly not me, has ever said anything about cannabis being not harmful. Pretty much anything is if abused, but vapour and smoke are also not the same — anybody who took science class in high school knows that, and can't be equated. Are they both harmful? Sure, but that doesn't make them equally harmful. Responding with a "smoking is harmful" link when talking about vapour is akin to railing about gasoline when talking about electricity; they're two completely different forms of energy, just as smoke and vapour are completely different forms of cannabis resin. Science doesn't disagree with that and neither should you.

If you're going to try and argue that vapour is the same as smoke, then respond with science that proves that. Good luck.
Similarly, if you're going to argue that tobacco and marijuana are the same in smoke form, or oddly, that they aren't different plants, then respond with science that shows that, but the argument in this thread has never been that one is less harmful than the other — even though there may be some evidence for that.

:thdn: :thdn:
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Absolute nonsense!!!! In policing the sale in BC we found 40% of stores are illegal. Where to they get their supply from???????????But the legal Stores buy from a registered grower.
But they sell so little registered product how can they stay open??????????
Their comes the underground and or Moms and Pops play.
If you owned a business and could get a knock off for $1800 per pound. Why would you pay
$3000 for the same product. Smart business would take the knock off but there is a bonus!
You pay not taxes to buy or sell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In BC and Vancouver you can pick up one ounces for $170. legal Stores $350 plus taxes.

Run to the stores and buy on that deal????? Once the rush is gone most will look for deals.
If your very rich maybe not. If you can think it, under ground has the answers.
Our estimates are that 80% is underground.

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"The only similarity between tobacco and marijuana is that they are both plants."

Of course vapor and smoking are not the can vape tobacco as well though so what is your point in saying they are not similar? Anything you burn, essentially, is a is not just "smoking."

You are the one that is saying the 2 substances are not at all the same, and I am calling BS.

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Let's not ignore for most of us who don't smoke at all, second-hand smoke is undesirable and unhealthy no matter in what form. Then again of course so is much air pollution, but of course that's another debate and I sure don't need more second-hand smoke added to my life wherever I go in public even if the smoke is after being vaped.

CBD use also carries some risks. Though it's often well-tolerated, CBD can cause side effects, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue. CBD can also interact with other medications you're taking, such as blood thinners.

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Marijuana sponsorship money would be great. we let alcohol which is much more damaging to the body give us money, why not marijuana? even on a demographic level, it would do well to target the audiences that use it, and alot of them are younger. we'd be a pretty chill league.

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Believe you me, we looked into this on the sponsorship front. Unfortunately other than some revenue from the provincial health authorities for "if you smoke, don't drive" sorts of messaging there isn't much money in this space due to the advertising restrictions that exist.

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