Marijuana Sponsorship

Everything related to cannabis will be relevant as long as it has priority and brings money

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Yes. Cannabis revenue from edibles and beverages served at stadiums and online during games could be a significant source of dollars for CFL teams and the league. I agree. Hope you also bought your cloth face masks from the online store.

No, edibles sold in stadiums is not going to happen the way I see it but for perhaps in an adult-only area of the stadium, and that's probably not something that's going to work in every venue anyway. It's easier to control the illegal consumption of alcohol amongst minors than it is to control the same of edibles, and I don't see a venue wanting any part of any such liability.

Of course the "kids" can bring in their own and there is nothing to stop them.

Hmm. Okay. Maybe not edibles. But beverages, should be no issue if beer can be sold at stadiums. That’s for sure. I don’t see any special enforcement required for Cannabis beverages vs. Budweiser or other beer currently sold at CFL stadiums. And I am not even asking for Cannabis companies to be title sponsors like Budweiser....just to sell their beverages and help generate revenue for CFL team owners and the league. That’s all.

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CFL should not have anything to do with any substance harmful to children in normal dosages.

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Team beer sponsors too ?

Ideally yeah, but not the same as the other drugs.

No where in Canada can you advertise cigarettes..been like that for decades


Weed legalization will bring more fun in our lives, haha. I expect the weed companies like sponsors of anti-drug events, haha.

And they only allowed liquor ads on TV until about 3 years ago, just beer ads.

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Lol, that’s good. Puff puff pass. Hahaha

Put the ads next to the pizza pizza signs

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Can't see the CFL endorsing Weed adds anytime soon.

Why not? if the league has taken it off their banned substance list and the players use marijuana for recovery. The league should be progressive in allowing ads to a legalized product. Beat the other professional leagues in North America to the punch

It would be TSN that allows the ads, they control what is shown on their screen not the CFL. The virtual ads are shown on the turf and seen on TV screens not in the stadiums, the sponsors/advertisers pay TSN for it not the CFL

The league could get around it by advertise on their website. Teams could place advertisements in their stadiums. TSN has no control over that. It's a revenue stream TSN is ignoring

I'm pretty sure the league and TSN work together on what ads are shown during broadcasts.

All the more for the CFL to end their relationship with TSN. The league has to find a better partner with a different network

I'm not against Cannabis and other products oil, gummies, food products. As a revenue stream for sports entities, I believe it will happen in the near future. The problem is how do you advertise responsible without causing an uproar with the naysayers.
It was difficult to be the first to advertise condoms, sanitary pads and yes toilet paper...