Marijuana Sponsorship

And since this post, a fine response at a time when vaping was proclaimed falsely as safer than smoking, these words have been proved correct also in many a court and lab.

Juul was successful by exploiting youthful nicotine addiction. Now that company is being torn apart for all the harm, be it acknowledged in advance or undisclosed and rightly so, after exploiting also abundant gaps in the US for regulation of otherwise genuine tobacco products.

Vaping is not safer than smoking though certain products can assist older adults in quitting smoking.

The opposite to draw youth both to vaping and also to cigarettes and beyond marijuana through the back door is what in fact happened more.

the nature of what they came from and how they are used is the same, but there very real differences in both there effects and what they're laced with. as far as a natural product goes, marijuana does not(and should not) have addictive chemicals added to them: Nicotine. Cigarettes are chalk full of added chemicals that add to how dangerous they are.

Cigarettes (see the table at the bottom)

Cannabis (this one is a long read)

i personally do no use or advocate either of these, but i would favour marijuana usage because it does have some proven benefits, and is generally not as harmful. i think we should actually move to use HEMP alot more, would save lots of trees and increase productive output in a lot of industries

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Were there any risks that came into reality? who knows?

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Yes. See the commentary on vaping above as concerns what developed very quickly for the worse in the US.

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thanks a lot!

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Marijuana sponsorship makes complete sense given how the US Election is opening up markets further in more states and how Canada's companies are poised as world leaders in this area. My recent letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford advocates several measures that provincial and federal governments can take to leverage a naturally growing source of revenue for the CFL and football at all levels in Canada.

Do you typically browse and post in 3.5 year old threads like it's a current discussion? We have threads that go back to 2005. Are you planning on making posts in those also?

Just to keep folks educated, Cuban cigars, made of full long leaf tobacco, have no additives and are are LESS harmful than natural cannabis.

Tobacco, on it's own, is less harmful than weed.


The CFL should be on board for marijuana sponsorship as an added revenue stream. The marijuana industry is now a legit business, You now have celebrities hooking up with grow-ops and other tie-ins like Seth Rogen, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, Trailer Park Boys, etc.

The CFL is desperate for cash in-flow if fans can't attend games

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The CFL is; however, a marijuana sponsorship is effectively illegal today in Canada.

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Until somebody challenges the illegality of marijuana sale to the Supreme Court of Canada. Marijuana shouldn't be lumped in with Tobacco

As long as the CFL needs revenue. As long as Canada has a burgeoning Cannabis sector. Commenting on this thread even if it is from 2000 B.C. (that's not BC Lions) makes sense. The point is relevant.

Everything related to cannabis will be relevant as long as it has priority and brings money

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Yes. Cannabis revenue from edibles and beverages served at stadiums and online during games could be a significant source of dollars for CFL teams and the league. I agree. Hope you also bought your cloth face masks from the online store.

No, edibles sold in stadiums is not going to happen the way I see it but for perhaps in an adult-only area of the stadium, and that's probably not something that's going to work in every venue anyway. It's easier to control the illegal consumption of alcohol amongst minors than it is to control the same of edibles, and I don't see a venue wanting any part of any such liability.

Of course the "kids" can bring in their own and there is nothing to stop them.

Hmm. Okay. Maybe not edibles. But beverages, should be no issue if beer can be sold at stadiums. That’s for sure. I don’t see any special enforcement required for Cannabis beverages vs. Budweiser or other beer currently sold at CFL stadiums. And I am not even asking for Cannabis companies to be title sponsors like Budweiser....just to sell their beverages and help generate revenue for CFL team owners and the league. That’s all.

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CFL should not have anything to do with any substance harmful to children in normal dosages.

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Team beer sponsors too ?

Ideally yeah, but not the same as the other drugs.