Mardi Gras Madness

This is Lonie’s new est attempt to get more butts in the seats. Girl
who ends up with the most beads (that will be distributed to the people
in upper deck on south side) will go home a thousand bucks richer.

My question is, is Lonies real intention to divert the fans eyes from the
field, and have them looking up into the upper deck??

Perhaps this man is a genius!

You must have been listening to the radio in Ottawa this morning because that’s exactly what Glen Kulka said.

If it gets people to come to the games, why not? Nothing wrong with having a little fun at the games.

Well my son and I can’t make it to this game so we aren’t going to be sitting in our usual seats on the upper southside deck. It wouldn’t bother me to see some mammaries, but I don’t know how my 12 year old boy will handle it.
Anyway, have fun, and we’ll just have to keep abreast of the situation.

I’m not sure how many of you have been to a Mardi Gras party … (typically, in canada … they are pretty lame) … they have a tendency to be more and more wild and raunchy the further south you go … The Gliebermans, who have an infamous tie with Louisiana already … makes me wonder what exactly they are thinking …

Almost all the Mardi Gras parties I have attended in my life, have hardly been a scene for the younger folks … Nevermind children, and families …

For those that have not attended a mardi gras party … They are generally 10 to 1, guys to girls … Most of the guys are generally young or real old, pathetic, b00b and female deprived male losers … and the girls are generally attention starved hoochies. Its also worth noting, that you’ll see 50 pairs of shiddy b00bs, before you see something that doesnt resemble National Geographic … Eventually the drunken dabauchery that is a Mardi Gras party; will be taken to the next level, when one of the loser males, grabs the b00bs of an attention starved hoochie, and another loser male takes exception to the act, and decides to become a superhero and save the hoochie from the other loser males … THEN WE BRAWL by the power of alchohol …

Hey - i’m all for b00bs and retarded sex acts for .05 cent plastic beads as much as the next guy … I just have to question the mentality and the integrity of an organization that is promoting this kind of behavoir in a ‘family environment’ … Don’t get me wrong - I’m no angel in the stands … and i’m sure most parents wouldn’t want their children within earshot of us some nights … But i’m not the owner of the organization …

In most stadiums accross the CFL, girls are removed from the stands for flashing … And now somehow the Gliebermans are not only saying its OK to flash - they are promoting it?? As a brand new owner, this is foolish for so many reasons … Totally classless.

Anyone else hear the 3-ring circus music that once played… (and apparently still is) for the CFL’s Ottawa Rough Riders/Renegades… ?

(see you in Ottawa)

Well, it’s legal for women to go topless in Ontario, so really, they aren’t breaking the law.

Who said they are breaking the law? I said its classless to promote that kind of behavoir in a family environment …


I read the Newspaper article on this promotion. Statik76 is correct. There could be some “Questionable” behavior in the stands. While an old geezer like me would enjoy that, and laugh about with the next guy, the mature part of me kicks in and says…“How do I explain this to my Grandchildren when they are at the game?”

Ah yes good old Loonie strikes again…

Supersmith, this might be a good game for you and your son, (okay, maybe just your son) to miss.

Who owns the gades Larry Flynt or Hugh Heffner. Rumor has it that the first one hundred fans will receive a trip to the playboy mansion.

…accompanied by Sara…the armless, huge breasted cheerleader on the Gades squad…

This type of Mardi Gras behaviour was a very regular occurance during the Calgary Flames Stanley Cup run last year along the now famous “Red Mile”. I think that it brought out a lot of people to the area just to witness it than anything else eventually. So who knows, maybe “Cuddles” knows what the people really want unlike those other idiots who sit on Parliament Hill!

Supersmith and Sportsmen, I’d like to answer your “How do you explain this to kids” question. Supersmith refered to his son, and Sportsmen, to his grandson. To these kids, I’d say: “Yup son… this is life at its best. You may ask why today. I’ll tell you this is an answer that comes all by itself. Someday, you’ll figure out by yourself why this happens. In the meantime, just enjoy the show and stay away from those girls. Want popcorn?”

Now if the kids were girls… I guess I just wouldn’t bring them to a football game anyways.

I’m missing something here. Probably because i know nothing of mardi gras. How does a girl earn a bead? what does flashing have to do with it?

Living 2 blocks north of 17th ave here in Calgary … I witnessed this every second night for 2 months …

17th ave was not organized by the Calgary Flames … Nor was it promoted. It certainly was not a “family atmosphere” by any stretch of the imagination … and yes - albeit it very few problems arose (I credit the heavy police numbers, and the good nature, non-rowdy calgarians for that) … But - problems still did occur - and almost every one was played out just as I had detailed in my above message.

Don’t get me wrong … again … the “red mile” was a hell of a lot of fun … but it was not for families or children or self-respecting women … it was not promoted by the team or its owners …

A far cry from promoting this kind of behavoir AT the football game …


…newf…flash your boobs and guys throw a necklace of cheap beads at you…chick with the most beads wins…

…***** = b00bs…damn robo-mods…

this seems like behavior that should be in the XFL, not the CFL

And what happenned to the XFL?

I can’t believe they will do this at a football game. It would make me go to a game tho.

July 16th home game, Ottawa vs Calgary Stampeders will be …



First 5000 people through the door will recieve a can of chewing tobacco, the most recent publication of Hustler, and a 15% discount at the local red light district, and 3 condoms …

(all shotguns must be registered)

Enjoy the game!

I’ve got to go to Mardi Gras…Without the wife!