Mardi Gras Madness Article Ottawa Sun August 17th

Gades fans we need to unite against the city of Ottawa in particular councillor Jan Harder. She is threatening to try to get rid of the promotion. See the front page story in the Ottawa Sun august 17th. She thinks most people dont like the promotion. If you support the promotion drop her an email to I wrote the following,
Dear Jan
As a season ticket holder and not the 99 dollar kind I wish to let you know that the vast majority of people support the promotion and I do in particular. I do not sit in this section I sit in section DD row 6 seat 2. The promotion is harmless. It is relegated to one section and if families or anyone else finds it offensive then they can exchange their seats for seats in other sections that are more appealing to them ( the football club has said this all along). I have taken my daughter to the games and we don't have a problem with the promotion. I also believe that it is legal for a woman to go topless in Ontario so their is legal precedence. You do have the right to draft a new bylaw for your facility but you have to listen to all your constituents not just the few complainers or your personal opinion ( that is your job). Otherwise we can vote you out next time their is an election. This is no different than having alcohol free section which a lot of stadiums have for the few people that don't want alcohol available around them. People choose their sections knowing what is going on so give people the credit they deserve to make their own decisions. Your morality should not be thrust upon us. Leave the fans of this team alone (you already gouge us for food and drinks at the stadium and can't even fix the PA system)

Alex Simpson

Lets get together before the city quashes something that brings added excitement to the games. Ottawa should allow fun once in a while.

Great stuff...........this is "much ado about nothing."

The next thing you know the press will go crazy about 1 of the GLIEBS dating a cheer leader.........wait a second.........that already happened................never mind....................!

Great Toronto they banned the BARENAKED LADIES playing new years eve..........because they thought that their name was degrating to women.That help their career.

Hey...........every one.........did you know that women have breasts? :wink:

Well , at least my mom and wife have them.

I never understood why people are so uptight about breasts........If a young child sees them......they will know the truth.....are that they are nothing to be ashamed of. :roll:

god put breasts on women to be looked at, there is nothing wrong with that :lol:

Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation bart. :lol:

Obviously none of you have been to a Mardi Gras party ... the type of behavoir that exists at most Mardi Gras party starts innocently ... and gets carried away quite quickly ...

All and all - Ottawa as a city should be embarassed that they have to resort to such low brow, sorority-type escapades and create a 3-ring circus sideshow atmosphere to drag their lowly non-attending, barely supportive fans to a 1st place teams homegame ... pathetic - all the way.

this has nothing to do with b00bs or football ... it has everything to do with not knowing how to run a family-friendly organization. No tact. whatsoever.


I kind of agree with you Statik but just take a look at the crap that is on TV in prime time. Let's face it, sex sells. Besides, when is the last time cheerleaders wore baggy shirts and pants....

After reading the piece.....LOL..I think the circus is at City Hall. With this remark..."An enraged city councillor Jan Harder: "Lonie Glieberman's an arrogant little bitch. I'm not willing to tolerate it. If he won't end it, I will. "

And I love Lonie's response......."Cuddles, laughing: "I've never even met the woman. She called me a bitch? Does she know I'm a man? Tell her flattery will get her nowhere."

Where does Harder get off calling Lonie a bitch. Jan needs to get a life.

I have to wonder who are the people who voted for this "bitch". You got da love local pollitics where reason never is part of the equation.


NOTE: ***** = word for female dog.

There's a big difference between the classic football cheerleader squad .. and your 14 year old daughter flashing her b00bs and being groped, fondled, and stared at by 30,000 ... (Oops - pardon ... we' re talking about Ottawa ...) 17,000 fans, for a handfull of .25 cent plastic beads .... Its classless - all the way.

"sex sells" - Puhleeaaaazzzeee ... its hardly an excuse to throw out all moral decency to sell a few goddamn seats. Just because primetime TV is chalk full of crap, doesn't mean you should fill your stands with crap as well. You know what - if everyone that attended football games was over 18, maybe i'd feel a bit different ... but its a family event ... Pardon me ...Its SUPPOSED to be a family event.

If Ottawa can't put people in the stands with their first place team ... but can sell a few extra seats by promoting plastic beads, and women flashing in the stands ... then everyone in Ottawa should save their $100 buck season tickets and just buy goddamn cable. Send the team to a city that wants to watch and SUPPORT football....


I think it is clever.............and we ain't taking about BRAZIL, here.

If it is good for , NFL Monday Night Football.........then?

And from what I hear .........WINNING drawing more fans..........than anything else. :smiley:

First to you bomber fans that know jack about this.This is not in the whole stadium just a couple of areas on the south side.No 14 year old he flashed there are rules of sort.Sounds like some of you are upset the bombers did not think about this first.

I know I am beside the point here, but its pretty hard to get carried away when beer costs 8 $ apiece...

Tina Turner was a precursor when she first sang: "What's love got to do with tlts."

Regardless of whether you've been to Mardi Gras or not, what goes on in the Upper Deck is under the watchful eyes of securities and police, so nothing gets out of hand. If women choose to flash their breasts, then it's their problem, not anyone elses. Like BartSimpson said, it's legal to go topless in Ontario, so that settles that. As for the family friendly organization, there are thousands of other seats that families can sit in if they choose not to expose their children to that behaviour, which by the age of 8 or 9, they have already seen, either it be on TV or the internet.

What it sounds like here, is that the gliebs are trying to make a section full of Rowdy 18-25 year olds. Similar to the University section at taylor field. I for one, think its a great idea. Getting a ticket in that section, you know what you are getting into, and if that is not the type of atmosphere you want then, exchange your seats. very simple.

I have nothing against it but I don't see the point.
Its just a cheap publicity stunt

........probably not important but is this Jan Harder a babe? She sounds like Angry Woman in the article........seems to me the people that fight hardest for Prudence or Freedom are folks who really shouldn't be naked in public anyway........

.........let's search 'Jan Harder' on site......loading......hmmm.....answered my own question.......

Here she is. Oh ! She's a redhead !

Would you invite her to your Mardi Gras party?

......0 to Bitch in 5.3 seconds.....she appears to be somewhat happy, probably just finished feeding on roasted junior bylaw clerk........ that a black eye?........

winning is the best advertizing.

If thats what they were going for ... then why not open up a "student section" ... it'll get rowdy on its own ... instead they marr this concept by flagrently selling anything but their on-field product ... Its a sideshow (quite literally)... Ottawa is a joke, and needs a buncha weirdo's showing up for a b00b show just to keep their team afloat ...

Its nice to see the Parliment is now making a controversy about it ... thats exactly what the Gliebermans need - the non-support of the local government ... ah well - at least it will match that off the fans/voters. NO SUPPORT!

Good luck Ottawa ... Like all circus's ... it will eventually leave town.