Mardi Gras Madness Article Ottawa Sun August 17th

Gades fans we need to unite against the city of Ottawa in particular councillor Jan Harder. She is threatening to try to get rid of the promotion. See the front page story in the Ottawa Sun august 17th. She thinks most people dont like the promotion. If you support the promotion drop her an email to I wrote the following,
Dear Jan
As a season ticket holder and not the 99 dollar kind I wish to let you know that the vast majority of people support the promotion and I do in particular. I do not sit in this section I sit in section DD row 6 seat 2. The promotion is harmless. It is relegated to one section and if families or anyone else finds it offensive then they can exchange their seats for seats in other sections that are more appealing to them ( the football club has said this all along). I have taken my daughter to the games and we don't have a problem with the promotion. I also believe that it is legal for a woman to go topless in Ontario so their is legal precedence. You do have the right to draft a new bylaw for your facility but you have to listen to all your constituents not just the few complainers or your personal opinion ( that is your job). Otherwise we can vote you out next time their is an election. This is no different than having alcohol free section which a lot of stadiums have for the few people that don't want alcohol available around them. People choose their sections knowing what is going on so give people the credit they deserve to make their own decisions. Your morality should not be thrust upon us. Leave the fans of this team alone (you already gouge us for food and drinks at the stadium and can't even fix the PA system)

Alex Simpson

Lets get together before the city quashes something that brings added excitement to the games. Ottawa should allow fun once in a while.[/url]

ya, i read that article this morning, what she said was way out of line and she should resign from her post for that personal attack on Lonie, who is just a business owner running his business which ever way he pleases. He's not breaking any rules, he pays his rent so he should be allowed to conduct his business as he pleases.

I've sent an email to Jan as well, Alex.
I support Lonie. He's not breaking rules and he gives fans the option of moving if they don't like it.
With the way society is losing it's morals, what's a little bit more skin to bring people in!
Better attendance is better for the team, the city and the CFL.
I'm annoyed when i see folks standing around talking under the stands not even bothering to watch the game, but then I think "well, they paid for a ticket - it's their right". Same as flashing.
Girls have the right to do it or not. If guys are harrassing them, they can get the guards to throw them out. I'm sure some girls enjoy it, getting all that attention, teasing the guys...
bottom line, more fans is good.
Soon we won't need promotions like this to bring them in...

Unbelieveable... that b$$ch should resign..... I'm emailing her right now....

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