Mardi Gras Dumbness

I just want to say that I’m very disappointed with the Mardi Gras promotion. I became a CFL fan when my father took me to games in Hamilton when I was a kid, but that would never have happened if there were any promotions like that going on. My fiance came out for one game last year, but with this promotion, there’s no way she’ll come out this year.

The Renegades would be much better served by cleaning up the park and the washrooms, offering family ticket packages, marketing to school kids (who bring their parents) and having better concessions.

The Ticats proved that having a winner on the field doesn’t necessarily mean a successful organization. They went to the Grey Cup twice and still had the same number of fans, and then they only took 2 years to fold.

Bob Young then proved that fans will come out when they’re treated like customers, not like people who should feel guilty for not being good enough fans because they didn’t go to a game. They didn’t go in Hamilton because no one cleaned up the stadium, customer service was crap to non-existent, it was hard to buy tickets, marketing was crap, etc.

Oh yeah, the Renegades should hire a proper sports marketing firm and then let them do their jobs. It worked in Hamilton and it could work here.

I agree take the 67s for example the wherent doing well at the box office till jeff hunt came in and marketed the team in the schools and throughout the community he addvertised like hell till the 67s bacame the best team at selling tickets

ur wright they need to get into the schools and offer family plans but i do think that the mardi gras did bring out the loudest fans ive ever heard i couldent balieve it when the attendence was announced at 18 thousand

it’s simple, if you don’t like the promotion, don’t sit on the upper deck. you’re there to support the team, not the promotion.

Can’t blame the Gleiberman’s for trying to make something happen…

As for a marketing… They just bought the team… give them a chance to figure stuff out… The $99 season tix deal and the Mardi Gras thing is really just to get us in the park.

They’ll be more creative when they have more then 1 month to plan a season.

Its quite simple, like everyone else said, make it an event that families will want to go to and can afford and that will fill the seats not only for this year, but for the future as young kids are often influenced in liking events that they have fun going to and being involved in with their families.

Look at all the kids in the stands at a 67’s game and 20 years from now, I’m sure that they’ll still be there taking their kids.

Lonnie’s trying to replicate the promotions that he does at his ski resort. Different crowd, different philosophies.
He’s just trying too hard.
All he has to do is invite Jeff Hunt out for lunch to pick his brains.

Go Rens Go!