Mardi Gade at Frank Clair Stadium

Looks like they will be handing out bead necklaces to all the guys that enter FCS who have a ticket for the south side upper deck. and the girls will have to do whatever to get the beads. Should be a fun time. Too bad i'm on the south side lower deck. :frowning:

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I love the NFL more than the CFL, but Jesus i'm starting to really love this CFL stuff. I don't want to here people complain about ownership. $99 dollars for season tickets. I pay $99 dollars to park at a Patriots game. I might be looking for a crib in Ottawa. Don't worry Ottawa fans things are going to be getting better for yah. The future is Paul Peterson

p.s. he still has his Boston College cleats take a look for yourself. Come on Paul by a new pair, and take all that tape off and show that marron with pride.

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I hope so.

Same here!!

All you Boston College fans seem pretty big on him. Hopefully he can make the transition to the Canadian game!!

How many B.C. players play with Ottawa?