MarcusCrandell MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Riders carried Joseph to a MOP last year, I don’t see why they couldn’t carry MC Hammer this year.

its Hammertime!!

Well you can dress a duck up to be a turkey but it still is a turkey!

Ya might wanna try that again!

LOL ya your right you can dress a turkey up to be a duck but it still is a turkey. Thanks Ro I hope it made you laugh.

:lol: :lol: Holy Frick...I nearly peed myself on that...good to see things never change on here...

whereas non Lions fans are always turkey, with or without the dressing :twisted:

MVP? If Marcus is good Riders will be very good. He does not have to be MVP. Or anything great. When Dominguez comes back Rider will have Fantuz and Flick and Bowman and Dominguez. Wes Cates is a great 1. The line looked very good yesterday. Perry talked but did nothing. Forget MVP. Bowman may be rookie of the year. If Crandall stays healthy this will happen. The best players not Crandall will get Riders back to cup. The D is awesome.

Riders are gambling a bit with only one experienced QB...Hello Winnipeg!! As I said on the Rider Team Forum the KEY will be keeping MC Hammer (lmao) Healthy