Marcus Who??

Sorry Crandell but for now your holding the clipboard amazing job by darian durant

Although Durant did well today, I'm sure that once Crandell is ready to go, this will be his team again.

Durant has to play better, for a longer period of time BEFORE this is HIS team! Good though that Darian is taking advantage of the situation. Will give Miller the confidence to put Darian in IF Marcus struggles!

Wonder if Crandell will be ready for next week vs MTL?

Would like to see Darian work on his arm strength, would he have hit Bauman on that roll out it would have been a TD.

For one thing, we don’t have a Bauman, and secondly, the only reason he underthrew him was because he was under pressure. It’s much better to underthrow an open receiver as opposed to overthrowing him.

yeah but it was badly under-thrown. Don't get me wrong I liked his game as a whole and I would imagine that he could be the future at QB for the Riders and it wouldn't upset me one iota. I am just saying if there is a weakness its his arm strength.

How is that name spelt Bouman?

It's "Bowman".

Almost a perfect game played by Durant.

Durant played a solid game. In terms of the quarterback position, this was the best game this year. The offense continued to play hard and move the ball.

See dam it you guys found a guy that might be able to play at the QB position. Dam MC never could get it right. LOL Durant played good.

Did I hear right? Was Durant's QB rating actually 137? Not sure if I heard right on the radio or not.


Let's not forget about the fantastic play of THE UNDRESSLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Durant for Pressy, ill admitit i had 0 confidence in him but dang hes solid.

Give him the start next week and if he plays as well as this week, let him go with it.

No player should lose a job due to injury, period. MC has played well enough too keep the #1 spot,so why create dissension amongst players and coaches

Personally I would like to see Durrant run with it and see how it goes, he iss young and appears to be a competent field general. I feel like I would much rather see how it goes with a young guy that looks like a potential starter for years to come that brings a great attitude to the team that ride out an old unproven veteran.

I would feel bad for Marcus but its football its business.

Durrant has the last 2 wins on his shoulders I say we run with him.

Players never lose their jobs due to injury. But sometimes, they lose their jobs while injured. If the guy who fills in plays better, say goodbye to the job.

First off, I have got to apologize to Durant, my confidence was not there, what an amazing game for him. Also, hats off to Tillman and Miller for sticking to their own game plan and ignoring the calls for Bishop, Allen, etc, etc. The job still of course has to be Crandell's but my heart is warmer knowing Durant can step up the way he did. Imagine what Jyles must be thinking though.

I hope he is thinking wow I need to learn to approach the game in the same manner that Durrant does IE film and reading a defense.