Marcus Thigpen Signs With Riders

  1. Former TiCat, Marcus Thigpen has signed with Regina, as confirmed by the CFL. and the Riders.

Thigpen, who was outstanding with Hamilton a few years ago, was a free agent. He is now 31.

I guess the Cats passed on him this time around !!

My rankings for best recent ST return guys for the Cats

1st Banks
2nd Thiggy
3rd OJ McDuffie

New practice roster 5'5" guy next up

Did you forget Williams? Or choose to leave him off the list? Remember, he did get 6.99 returns for TD in 2012 before his no-show year. I’m thinking he’d be a bit ahead of McDuffie, if only because McDuffie didn’t have that many attempts.

you are correct...funny i blocked him out of my mind on purpose

:-X ;D

I was confused by the .99 return TDs, then I remembered him getting tackled at the 1 after showboating. Thank god we scored on the next play.

Signed with the melon heads??? Marcus!! Why!!!

On his Facebook account he was a sales rep for Riddell football equipment after his NFL stints


My first thought as well, but then he did say “recent”. It’s all relative, I suppose. More recent than Henley, but not as recent as the ones mentioned.