Marcus Thigpen released

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The Buffalo Bills have announced the release of former #Ticats WR/KR Marcus Thigpen. #CFL

Not too surprised. I was at the Bills game Sunday and almost every return he looked tentative and at least of one of the times he called for a fair catch when he caught the ball the nearest Giant was still about 10 yards away. There were a few grumbles about him by some of the Bills fans seated near me.

Would there be any interest in him as a Running Back?

can't blame him though. mortal men tremble at the sight of the NY Giants :rockin:

Sinkfield is basically Thigy 2.0

I've always been a big fan of Sinkfield, but he isn't a running back. I'd rather see him used on swing passes rather than sweeps.
Austin doesn't seem to have much faith inner running backs, unless their last name is Gable.

I hear yah Rock!
but Thigy didn't do a lot of inside the tackles running either.

Yeah, you have a point.

Ottawa could use him, Williams is brutal !

Williams may not be lighting it up the way he did in Hamilton, but I think brutal is overstating it a bit. He's second in the CFL in receiving yards.

I think Williams is still very good but maybe the coverage even better!

Agreed Williams is still a good player and although he hasn't lit up the return yards he's playing good at WR. Part of the Thigpen problem in Buffalo is that the Bill's have lousy blocking down field which is more than half the battle for a good return man, get that key block and you get an opening to break through.

I'm sure Thigpen will catch on in the NFL again and if not back to the CFL. The big advantage for any return man in the CFL is the field size with more opportunity to break a play wide open.


Reason Thigpen was released is due to injury at the WR position for the Bills. Harvin, Goodwin, Watkins, Hogan all have various degrees of injury and unknown status going into this weekend. They signed WR Denarius Moore. Thigpen was released to make room for him.

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If we used Banks every play then his runback efficiency would also drop. I believe that Ottawa believes Williams to be more valuable as a receiver. Perhaps Williams even made this a condition of his signing with the team. Who knows?

Agreed. Williams value is as a reciever, yet le Rouge et Noir keep putting him back in Punt returns where I see him being disinterested & at more risk than reward.

Ottawa should have someone else returning punts.

Wow , I am surprised , will another NFL team pick him ? If not when and if will he be eligible to come back to the CFL? Do the Ticats have any rights to him? Or is he free to sign anywhere in the CFL?! THIGGY COME HOME! :thup: :rockin:

Hopefully some answers to your questions:

Will another NFL team pick him up ? Most likely, it's a long season and I'm thinking that Thiggy will land somewhere before the year is out. Thigpen has already played with Miami,Tampa Bay and Buffalo in his 4 yr NFL career.

If not when and if will he be eligible to come back to the CFL ? As soon as he clears waivers in the NFL

Do the Ti-Cats have any rights to him ? As far as I know the Cats do not have any rights to him and he would be considered a FA

Is he free to sign anywhere in the CFL ? Yes. He can choose to sign wherever and with whomever shows him the best offer and the most interest if he chooses to comeback to the CFL.

THIGGY COME HOME ! I'm thinking that we won't be seeing Thiggy anytime soon if at all again in a Ti-Cat uniform. But never say never but apparently according to a Drew Edwards tweet The Cats apparently aren't interested.

Drew Edwards @ scratchingpost
For those asking, I don't think #Ticatswould have interest in Marcus
Thigpen. And Thigpen will look for another NFL shot.

its been 4 years? well atleast he can collect a pension if im not mistaken!

Probably not a good fit for Hamilton given the team's needs and the money he'd demand. Ottawa could be though. Or Montreal since Popp seems to sign anyone and everyone.

An Argo-Cat fan

DE Phillip Hunt was also cut from His Team