Marcus Thigpen released

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 12m12 minutes ago
Former #Ticats RB. Been on and off Miami's roster. #CFL RT @OmarKelly: Marcus Thigpen has been released from the Dolphins practice squad.
Boy! We could sure use him right now!!!

I'm coming home , I'm coming home , Thiggy :thup: ???? Austin get er done Speedy and Thiggy oh my :rockin:

I wont hold my breathe

He can be WR/HB/KR He a muti Weapon

While some of use will probably think this would be a no brainer to attempt to Thiggy, I will also not hold my breath considering we a dressing two Canadian log snappers on our game day rooster. Not sure why Austin does that but Thiggy would be just another serious weapon the Cats need to finish out the schedule and hopefully the play offs. Looking forward to watch Delone Carter run the rock this Friday (hopefully)

We need two great WR with speed and great hands, we have one with Banks if we got Thiggy that would be huge. I said it since last year the thing that is missing from our offence is speed and great hands at WR, we need to stretch that field and give more plays to the wide out guys to open up the middle game for guys like Fantuz, Tasker and Ellingson etc.

Would love to see Marcus Thigpen back in Hamilton.