Marcus Thigpen <needs a nicknane

Marcus Thigpen < needs a nick ......hmmmmmm THE THING.....

Marcus "The Flash "Thgpien


Marcus "to the House" Thigpen

Apparently Duane Ford is calling him First Time.

I saw a sign that said "GET THIGGY WITH IT" it was kind of cute.

I don't know what to call him, but i can sure say that I'm glad we FINALLY picked up someone from another team who is destined to be an all-star instead of constantly giving them away.


Thats all I have for him right now.. LOL

Seriously though, he has been nothing short outstanding for us. He has been the only player to show up and play his heart out in both games!

I hope obie locks him up long term before we lose him to the NFL.

"the offense".

cuz really.. outside of 1 offensive td last week, HE'S YOUR OFFENSE so far.

Go home troll life....

"troll" really.. why cuz i gave him a nickname?

i watched the game, im commenting.

dude has all your td's outside of 1 this year.

its a nickname..

get a life dude. seriously.

troll.. yup cuz i comment on the game i just finished watching.

Marcus [ Do I have to do everything ] Thigpen. Maybe a little long :wink:

Marcus "Deep Six" Thigpen. :wink:

Once again Russ you honour us with your witty, creative turn of a phrase. Would that I would have just a smidgen of your talent.

Marcus "Explodinator" Thigpen :rockin: :rockin:

Instant Offense.

My pals and I have been referring to him as "Thiggy" We're sticking with that one.

hi cat fans sorry for your loss today wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better game then week 1
you guys are the team I cheer on in the east DIV except when my riders play the tabbies
at any rate glad to see thiggy got a job and is doing exolaunta not sure why we never kept him even on the PR this kids got the jukes and jives plus if you guys could get Dcobbnobler up to speed look out

How about MVP!

I never felt the need to put a players name in my signature line. That changed today.

How about, Marcus "The Sty" Thigpen. lol

We call him GONE.
3 times hes made a move and was gone.

How about "Shakespeare" because he ALWAYS makes PLAYS!!! :rockin:

Marcus "Our Only Threat" Thigpen...

I'm pretty sure McDaniel had a 70+ yard game and Bruce had a 100+ yard game, Stala saw some nice action also.Glenn was pretty good today.Shivers coverage was much better and our pass rush was penetrating the line pretty consistently.The team played well, just not well enough.