Marcus Thigpen Named CFL Special Teams Player of the Week

Hamilton Tiger-Cats kick returner Marcus Thigpen has been named the CFL’s Special Teams Player of the Week after returning a kickoff and a missed field goal for touchdowns in his CFL debut in Winnipeg last Friday.

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Very well deserved.Let's have a repeat performance this week Thiggy :rockin:

As he should be.

Congrats!! Keep up the great work.

The man’s a beast returner… Very well deserved award, he was one of only a few guys that came to play last week…

Great way to start the season off, and well-deserved.

The first TD he got must have at least made him a contender for that award, the second TD must have clinched it for him. Very well deserved.

It was good to hear him give credit to his teammates in this video:

And you can see that he did not let success get to his head in this video:

Keep it up, Thiggy.

From now on the other teams will be laying for Thiggy and will want to break Thiggy's legs so if he repeats he will also be one very tough Thiggy. :thup:

Thiggy did that with VERY limited practice and according to the Bomber forums, it was just poor coverage and had little to do with Thigpen being good.I don't believe that's at all true, he got some good blocks but also made things happen on his own.He's what we were looking for, now we can finish trying to patch the secondary :wink: