Marcus Thigpen 2010 breakout year

What he accomplished is NO SMALL FEAT...a CFL record :thup:

I know we can't expect him to do that every year, but I would not be surprised to see him increase his total yards. :wink:

And to think we got him for nothing.

Thanks again, SSK !

Would be nice to see him be able to secure the ball a little better this year. (Excuse my negativity)

I'd really like to see him thrown into the offence more. RB, SB, WR - don't really care where, as long as he gets his hands on the ball with room to run. I'm still a little concerned over his catches on returns; those fumbles in the EDSF killed us, and he let the ball hit the ground too often all season for my liking. But once he has the ball, he is deadly.

He got ripped off for Most Outstanding Rookie.Why?
A) he was the 2nd best return man in the league, in the year of the returner!
B) whenever he touched the ball on offense he made a big play out of it
C)He did what no other player had ever done in the CFL before EVER by scoring 5 different ways in a single season and in only 7 games nonetheless.
D)His first kick return went for a TD
E)He was cut from the Riders approx. 1 week prior to joining the Ticats and made the transition perfectly.

Thigpen did a hell of a job, well done Marcus!

Ditto on the expectations for Marcus.
But can’t wait to see what plans Khari has for all of the offence this season. :thup:
I was not a MIke Gibson fan.