Marcus Crandoll?

Why are some people worried about Marcus Crandoll being the starter at QB. If he does get the job, training camp hasn't started yet. But why are people so worried? Remember back in 2005 when he replaced Nealon? We won five straight!!! Look I know he hasn't been #1 on the depth chart for long, but have some faith. Hes done it before, and he will do it again.


This post was not ment to bash any player, team, or fan thank you!

Go Riders

You mean Marcus Crandell? With an E

ya sorry lol

nah no biggie

I suspect most people recognize that Crandell hasn't been a starter since he left Calgary. And in Calgary he didn't show allot of starter qualities is one issue. The other issue, is Sask just went from one of the top 3 teams in terms of quartback ability, arguable to the bottom of the pack depending on how Jackson/Pierce are rated and if Calvillo comes back.

That is the concern.

The only concern is that he isn't the type of quarterback that is going to blow anyone away with his performances.

A lot of teams have a guy who if he gets hot can take over a game and play incredible, thankfully most of those guys are also injury prone :wink:

In pro-football fans (usually the ones with lower football IQ's) want to have the best QB in the leauge as the QB in many cases is the face of the franchise. Having the reigning MOP on our roster reassured that for many of these fans. Everyone wants a guy like Ricky Ray in the CFL or Tom Brady in the NFL to be their QB.

IMO, Joesph is not nearly as good as Ricky Ray. But him winning MOP has these fans believing he's as good if not better than Ricky Ray. Losing KJ for these fans would be like if New England lost Tom Brady. No truth to this in reality, but I think that's how alot of fans see it.

As a result, "the sky is falling" in Rider Nation.

Nothing like adding yourself to the list of people for whom it isn't "the sky is falling", but rather "you aren't a Rider fan, or at least a very intelligent one" if you dislike this trade.
Of course most fans do want the best QB available. Why wouldn't they?

I don't actually know even one person that has ever tried to convince me that KJ is as good as Ricky Ray.
Mostly, I suppose, because he isn't.
But I do know plenty of people that I believe to be at the high end of the "football IQ" scale, that believe this trade was not a very good one.

Here is the bottom line.
Until this trade, and people felt obliged to try and convince themselves and others what a lousy QB KJ was, I would have placed KJ anywhere from 3rd to 6th in ranking the QBs in the league. But not the best. Never the best.
Marcus Crandell, on the otherhand, wasn't even the best back-up QB in the league last year, behind guys like Buck Pierce (or JJ--I don't think we are certain who the back-up is there), Richie Williams and maybe even Stefan LeFors. Some might even have agued that the ageless Damon Allan was still better.
If Marcus were a younger QB, and therefore there was some opportunity that he will develop into a good QB, then fine.
But the fact that he is 34 (only 8 months younger than KJ--who was considered too old) and has had more injuries in his career than KJ (and we were told that was a reason why we traded KJ)and after 4 years as a starter in Calgary (the last two injury plagued as mentioned previously) he had so impressed that they cut him.
And then we picked him up. And while I think he has been a solid back-up, he has done nothing in his 3 years that leads me to believe he is a better QB now than he was in Calgary, ie., a mediocre one.
Of course everyone likes to say, "but didn't he win 5 in row for us?"
Yes. 3 years ago.
He then proceeeded to lose his next 4 games, including a stinker of a play-off game.
If he gets all the credit for 5 in row, he must own the 4 game losing streak as well.
And some fans, and the media, were selling him as having an 8-4 record as a Rider.
I don't believe that to be accurate.
Counting the play-off game, I had him at 7-6, which includes a "win" in which he only played one series of downs.
I am willing to accept the 8-4, if someone can show me how that is possible.
But if I am right, then since his "amazing" 5-0 start with the Riders, he is an equally stunning, 2-6.
So as far as I am concerned, the "5-0" record doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

At the end of the day, I didn't think he was a particularly good QB when he was in Calgary, and I have seen nothing in his 3 years here to sell me on that proposition.

Is the "sky falling"?
But our chances of repeating as Grey Cup champions are less after ET's two big trades, than they were before them. And will remain that way until (and if) one of the young kids proves he can play.
I am not saying we can't win with Marcus, or won't win with Marcus, or that he can't have a terrific season.
I just don't expect any of those things with Marcus.
On paper, we got pounded in the KJ deal, and are not as good as we were before the trade.

Fortunately for the Riders, the games aren't played on paper.
So anything is still possible.

Marcuse Crandel...

is likely to be the #1...
I'm happy for him to get the nod,
he's proven hes won with calgary...
He did get 5 in a row...

if im wrong about the nod going to him,
i'll be surprised, but i shant fear it
for marcus shall be a good number 2 with exp still.
injuries happen.

Crandell has never shown me he could be a number 1 QB in the Green and White. I wish people would stop bringing up the 5 in a row thing. He started that winning streak with back to backs against Winnipeg. In 05 they were horrible. Nealon already beat them 42-15. So not a huge accomplishment. After the winning streak Crandell failed to win us another game all season.
Now having said that I don’t believe Danny Barret’ system allowed our QB’s to succeed, especially Nealon Greene. That’s a whole other story that I could talk about for hours. I hope Crandell proves me wrong,he may I believe in our coaching staff but we may be relying on the young guys to step up this year.

Of course Crandell will do fine..there's only a couple of posters that can't digest that....they're still full on crow i guess

No one has even given the slightest thought of the fact that it has been so long since Crandell has played who can really remember how he looked. HE IS BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE PEOPLE!!!! Mark those words, I was a railbird at last years camp and I would have had to have given him the job over KJ. You can only speculate going forward so who knows how the year would have went.


You're probably right on both counts, but that is not the correct comparison, as this one assumes that we make the trades as we do, or we don't make the trades, and everything else remains as is.

That's fantasy, given the SMS. The proper comparison is the trades as they were made, versus what would have had to happen had the trades not been made. That's alot tought, because we do not know what the resulting decissions would have been. But to assume that the trades simply could have not been made, and everything else stayed the same...that's wrong.

Does anyone know the odds of repeating as Grey Cup champs..... it's been acomplished ONCE in the past 24 years......we'll change all that now won't we.........GO GREEN

I have a feeling that Crandell will surprise everyone this year. A lot of people are saying that he doesnt have what it takes, and if I were him, I would be chomping at the bit to prove all the naysayers wrong.

O wise sambo once again i agree ,you are my most favorite person right after ET.YES there will be a fire burning like never before in Crandell, he will fight like a caged badger for that starting job and will play like a man possesed, his passes will be jaw dropping accurate and his feet will carry him swift and nimble to the promised land, at years end HE WILL be hailed our new saviour....GO GREEN

Just promise me Thryllin won't be composing another poem in celebration.

Last night i was hopeing to catch MC on the Drew show but all i got was Remenda yipping about how many chances are we going to give Ottawa to field a team (typical clued Drew blah blah blah)…at this point i turned off the radio…anyways i feel for the most part individual stats in football mean the least out of any team sport,MC will play well but he will even play better if he has the fan support behind him it’s all about his confidence not his stats…GO GREEN