Marcus Crandell??

I know what everyone is going to say to this, but shouldnt Marcus be a possibility? Both Bishop and Durant have proved to be ineffective and turnover happy...... The premature release of Crandell and the pick up of the so called elusive Bishop was poor coaching on my books..... Anyone know if Crandell can still be picked up? even for just the playoffs?

What's done is done. I'm pretty sure Crandell would laugh if they asked him to come back. I know he's a good guy but a part of him has to be smiling about this.

He should have been put on the 9 game injured list when they cut him. That way he could have been toutering our young Qb's as we Don't have a Qb's coach to my knowledge. They cannor contiunue to learn without getting proper direction and it should be from someone who has played the Qb poistion. Last year Austin spent a great deal of time with them, and now that crandells gone they are taking steps backwords.

Crandell days are over thank goodness, they held onto him way to long and if he stayed they would not have the record they have now, its over riders have some new talent put it to rest!

How can anyone say that by getting rid of Crandell and bringing in Bishop we gained anything we definatly lost. We lost a team leader, now we have two young QB's starting and no one to guide them.

Releasing Crandell and bringing in Bishop was a terrible decision by Tillman. I think Tillman has done an awesome job overall but that was the worst decision he has made since being here.

Unfortunately it happened and we can't change it now. As messed up as our QB situation has become we still have a shot as anything can happen in the playoffs.

The funny thing is everyone hates crandell because of ''ONE'' poor game early in the season.....and in that game we were missing most of our key recievers..... so tell me how many poor games Bishop and Durant have played with more matured rookie recievers......? It makes no sense.....I totally agree Tillman is a great GM, but it was def one of his worst decisions....

I believe coach Miller probably wanted Bishop and so Tilman went out and got him.

Apparently you have successfully managed to block the game in Edmonton from your memory. Congratulations. I have not yet been so fortunate, so I’ll have to take a pass on your suggestion.

I really don't think Miller wanted Bishop I think Tillman wanted him and told Miller this is the way it is. Tillman has made some great personell decisions and I think he thought this was another one. This one did not pan out, I think they kept playing him hoping he would be great but they couldn't wait any longer and the change had to be made.

Crandell was shafted.

Think what you want but both Miller and Tillman said Miller wanted Bishop in different interviews. Sorry I don't have the links - they were some time ago and this is old news - don't know why different versions still surface. Whatever the case, decisions are made with imperfect information and on a prediction of the future. They don't always pan out. As I am not without sin, I may not cast the first stone.

I know Miller said he wanted him but I still think Tillman wanted him and told Miller that was it. Miller isn't going to call Tillman out.

Also if you read my post I said I like Tillman and I think he has made great decisions but he is not infoulable and made a bad choice here. That's all I am sure people disagree with me but I think he made a bad choice, and it is my right as a fan to say that.

Sorry hbw, I wasn’t disagreeing with your whole post - actually was agreeing with you other than your first sentence. I was actually meaning to elaborate on the rest of your post. It is hindsight that makes it so obvious that it was not the better decision given the future that, in fact, transpired (although I know at least one person who will certainly be here disputing that). It’s like a business person who is deciding whether to expand the business now or . The company sees signs of a recession coming in the industry but also has such a current demand for the company’s product that it cannot continue on status quo. The decision at that point in time is not black and white but after the recession comes or not, it is easy to say the decision as “good” or “bad”.

We will never really know. Keeping Crandall and not bringing on Bishop, we could be 8 and 8 right now or we could be 14 and 2. It is the past so we must stop looking there and look forward instead.

I actually saw Marcus at Costco a couple weeks ago, I think his family lives here year round. I wish him all the best but I highly doubt we see him come back, maybe in a few years in a coaching capacity but that's a stretch too.

I agree Legal that hindsight is 20/20 and I guess I am kinda hard on Tillman and Miller because I never liked the decision. I am sure they made what they thought was the best decision at the time. But it seemed to me they were making Marcus the scapegoat. I am also alittle biased as a family member of mine is good friends with Marcus and his family and I know what a nice guy he is and how dedicated to the team he was and how much being released hurt him(even though he understands the CFL is a business first).

It's too bad it turned out the way it did but nothing we can do about it now. It sure would be nice to have him come in as a QB coach though and help our young guys develop.

Crandell has recently been hired by a Saskatchewan-based "Biotech" company (biofuels or something) as a sales rep and PR - was in the newspaper. So I doubt he will be throwing any footballs - his salary may be higher than as a CFL QB as well!! From the earlier analysis I had heard, Crandell's leaving was not strictly due to a couple of bad games. He was apparently affected by the whole injury scenario of the Riders - namely, when most of the experienced receivers went down early in the season, it totally changed the timing-type, pass from the pocket offense that was Crandell's style, to more of a "run and gun", needing a QB who could scramble, deek, throw on the run, and who was tougher to tackle (i.e. bigger and stronger). (I think MB, DD, and SJ all maybe fill that role a bit better, though in differing degrees). If the receivers had been healthy all through, it's possible to think that Crandell might still be there with the type of offense in place that had been operating earlier in the season, IMO, for what it's worth. I also think that a few hard shots that Crandell took early on may have left a lingering injury too, from the way he was moving at times. Plus, others may agree that our O-line has had injuries and has not been consistent or always provided the best protection this year, which is another reason that the type of QB you start with may have to change, considering all the circumstances......

i could not agree more. it wasn't crandell's fault the team was dropping games. there were no receivers to catch the ball!!! bishop came expecting to run more and he didn't. plus why does he always have to force the ball deep? geez man, work on the short game more too open the deep pass. there is nothing wrong with working the 6 yard play.