Marcus Crandell

If Marcus is as classy as he is being described, I can see him going to Coach Miller and telling him "keep Durant in, and I'll (Marcus) be there to support him (Durant)"!

If he did that, he wouldn’t be much of a competitor. I don’t want people who would prefer to not play on a team I root for…I want players who want to play, who want to prove they’re every bit as deserving of the start as the others.

I have no respect for Crandell if he asks to be “benched”…

Crandell is still the starter and nobody should lose a starting spot due to injury. If Crandell struggles when he comes back then yes Durant should replace him, but it is Crandell's team to lead.

I am imagining that Crandell will be given the reigns back as has been said in the media all week by players and coaches. I would imagine that Crandell would probably have a half of football to prove that he deserves the starting job, I personally am not willing to watch the flush a game down the pooper just to find out that Durrant should be the starter.

Can't see it dariderfan.These guys are way too competitive to ever volunteer their job up...Besides Miller has shown no hesitation in making
player changes when needed

I dont care how nice he is, that would be the stupidest move he could make.

I think his class would show if the Coach keeps him at #2 and Durant the starter and he accepts it. No pro athlete would ever ask to be removed from a starting role. However lots have that decision made for them and how they react and take it speaks volumes.

Now here is the real question - what do you do with Durant? He is clearly showing he can start in the CFL and if he pulls this off 1 more time it may not be possible to put him back to Second fiddle. Think about it - if you have a good, young QB who is on a roll and coming into his own, if you bench him it could kill his growth. If you leave him in it all but writes the ending of Jyles and Crandall from every being #1. Nice to have that problem of too many good QB’s but how this is handled by the Riders will also be important. Durant is only 26 and has a good decade + ahead of him. He in my opinion is the Riders future

Miller said Crandell is starting next week.

I say start Crandell and if he can't sustain drives or struggles....put in Durant and its his time from there on.

U can't lose your job will injured.....give him another chance

Miller has shown he's not one to wait to pull a player who's under-performing (see: Week Two with Jyles for proof). If Crandell doesn't play to Miller's approval, he'll be yanked in favour of Durant.

Mistake to pull Durant IMHO. Crandell is really not much better than Kerry Joseph, so stick with Durant, he may be a star.

As for Coach Miller?? My first impression of this guy is that he is going to be a FANTASTIC coach, nice to have some adult coaches around. He knows what he is doing and seems to have great people skills.

I just hope that both QBs have the mentality of "whatever the coach want, I will role with it". But I also want that both of them want to be starters - it is a fine balance.

As for Miller, just watching him in the few times during a game that a camera is on him, I get the sense of "calm, cool and collected" all the time. And that is a good thing.

If Crandall comes back and plays “ok” it could be the worst thing for the riders. Riding the rest of the season on the pine could lead Durant to seek employment elsewhere. He is at the age to be a starter and has what? 4 years in now? Crandall didn’t loose his spot - Durant earned it…

Well said.......

Durant says he knows it's Marcus' team and he is also very aware that after this performance, he's more than likely going to start next year from game 1. We won't have a mess of a situation like in Toronto. He's only been here 2 years and this is his 3rd by the way.

He also respects Marcus a lot, because, when he first came here, Marcus was the guy who took him under his wing and helped him become the QB he is today.

Telling the coach "To stay with the hot guy" is NOT being asked to be benched! That is a sign of a player who puts the team ahead of his personal ego!


Now here is the real question - what do you do with Durant? He is clearly showing he can start in the CFL and if he pulls this off 1 more time it may not be possible to put him back to Second fiddle.
How many of us remember when Rocky Butler led us to victory on Labour Day in 2002, or 2003 (can't remember for sure)? After their break week, DB went back to Nealon, and he stunk in Edmonton. Why not stay with the hot guy until he cools off, and then go back to the former leader?

The issue isn't continueing with the hot hand. While I agree it is important to show support for Durant. There are a couple issues with each situation.

First Durant doesn't need to be looking over his shoulder knowing that the first time he fails, Marcus is going to come in. That puts extra pressure on Durant. They don't need to do that to a young quarterback.

Second, Marcus was the annointed one they need to go back to him. To prove that they didn't make a mistake trading the wrong quarterback to Toronto. Particularily after Joseph shredded the Edmonton defence yesterday.

Yes it is and any QB that askes to be benched should be cut...
Lot of people around here don't think much of Marcus Crandel as an individual.

Anything Marcus may or could say is pure speculation. The Coach has already stated that he will start, if 100% healthy. I disagree with the choice after DD's last 2 games but I have faith in this team.